The Dallas Cowboys control their own fate, but can they be trusted?

By Marian Hinton
Matthew Emmons: USA Today Sports

I heard an analogy today that describes the relationship between the Dallas Cowboys and their fans perfectly: It’s like Lucy from Peanuts holding the football for Charlie Brown. Each time, Charlie thinks this time will be different —he will make contact—and each time, Lucy yanks it away at the last minute. Every single time.

This season, the Cowboys have done something we have not seen from the team in years; they’ve found ways to win close games that in the past they’ve found ways to lose.

Despite one of their worst seasons in terms of key injuries in recent memory, the Cowboys are somehow in a 3-way tie for the NFC East and are surprisingly in control of their own destiny.

But should fans trust them?

For several years, the Cowboys have had an uncanny knack for getting their fans hopes up only to crush them in the end.

Now here we are heading into the last couple of weeks, and much like last season and seasons passed, the Dallas Cowboys once again control their own destiny.

Could this year be different?

If the past month has been any indication, it very well could be.

This year, the Cowboy are showing something they haven’t in quite a while: Heart.

After starting the season 3-5, they’ve won five of their last six games. While it may not seem like much, the Cowboys didn’t quit, as they have in previous seasons.

Additionally, their last four wins have been within a touchdown, won in the final minutes. Again, while that may not seem impressive to other team’s fans, the Cowboys have historically found ways to lose those types of games. Now, they are finding ways to win them.

So with two games left in the regular season, Dallas will face a dangerous but underperforming New Orleans Saints team and a blood-thirsty rival, the Washington Redskins, on the road.

So will the Cowboys fold once again, or will this be the year that they are able to pull it all together and finish strong?

Forgive us if we have our doubts. Of course, I am sure the team would love to prove us all wrong, but until that happens, Cowboy fans are justified in their lack of belief.




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