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10 NFL Coaches on Santa’s Naughty List

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Which Coaches are on Your Naughty List?


The season is quickly coming to an end and there will be some changes at the head coach position for some teams. Most, if not all, of these coaches have failed to reach the expectations fans and upper management had set for their teams and they will suffer the consequences. Some of these teams are decimated by injuries, others just do not have the talent to compete in the NFL. In the end, there are no excuses.

The NFL is the toughest of all sports to coach. The wheels are always turning and if the coach is not apart of every single decision and something goes wrong he gets blamed. There are fewer games, so there is rarely enough time to make up for a bad decision. San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh could have lost his job for his decision to go with QB Colin Kaepernick, but his recent victory over the New England Patriots makes him look like a genius.

There are a few coaches on this list that will lose their job because of a similar decision. New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan stuck with QB Mark Sanchez almost the entire year. Sanchez has done nothing but under perform and it has cost his team big. Ryan will start Greg McElroy over Sanchez this week hoping it will fix some problems, it won't. Ryan will surely be out the door at the end of week 17.

Ryan is far from the worst coach in the NFL and there will be others that join him in the unemployment line. Ryan is a defensive genius and will have offers coming out of his ears if he is fired. Other coaches on this list will not have the same luxury. Here are ten coaches on Santa's naughty list for the 2012 season, enjoy.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Greg Schiano


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Greg Schiano has had a fairly successful first year as a head coach. His team is 6-8 and he won't make the playoffs, but considering the Buccaneers were 4-12 last year, it's not bad. However, the man needs to learn the unwritten rules of the game. Pounding the center back into the quarterbacks' chest is not okay and it's a good way to get someone injured for no reason. He has not been successful with it and he never will be. I am surprised his players just don't say "hey bro, we are just not going to do that anymore". I hope another head coach makes the same call against him and it actually works. Until then, Schiano, Santa is not your biggest fan.

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Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Mike Mularkey


The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of those teams that do not have the talent to compete at the NFL Level. Head Coach Mike Mularkey has managed to win just two games in his first year as head coach. He doesn't have a quarterback and he has one of the worst offenses and defenses in the league. At this point, the Jaguars are giving me a hint that they want to leave Jacksonville for a bigger fan base in L.A. Mularkey might stay on for one more season because it is his first year, but he will be on a short leash going into the 2013 season. If he does not produce before the third or fourth week he will be gone.

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Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett


If the Dallas Cowboys fire Head Coach Jason Garrett is will be because they failed to make the playoffs. GM/Owner Jerry Jones does not tolerate failure and he has spent enough money on his team for it to be a success. QB Tony Romo let his teammates down for the first half of the season. He currently is fifth in the league in interceptions and if they want to make the playoffs he has to play mistake free football. Garrett needs to keep his team focused for the rest of the season. If Garrett does not win this week and the next, Santa will put a fat lump of coal under the tree.

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Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt


It took the Arizona Cardinals and Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt ten weeks to stop the bleeding. They lost nine games over that span before he beat the Detroit Lions to snap a losing streak. The team was "desperate" for a win and they finally got it. When Santa sees a team that is desperate for a win he puts their head coach on the naughty list every single time. If the Cardinals can find somebody better, I guarantee the Whisenhunt will be "kickin it" in the unemployment line with a few other coaches on this list.

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Chicago Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith


There was once a point in this season when the Chicago Bears were 7-1 and looking to secure a first round bye in the playoffs. After dropping five out of their last six games Head Coach Lovie Smith got Santa's attention in a bad way. Smith has been the coach since 2004 and I think it's about time the Bears went with an offensive minded direction. QB Jay Cutler, RB Matt Forte and WR Brandon Marshall are too dangerous for this team to drop so many games in such a short time. The Bears needs to fire Smith, draft the best offensive linemen available and sign any other decent offensive linemen via free agency.

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Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid


Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid has had to endure more as a head coach than anybody else on this list, but his team is in shambles and Santa does not like it. Reid took over the team in 1999 and experienced most of his success with QB Donovan McNabb. He is one of the best coaches in the league and the only black mark on his record is that he never won the Super Bowl. Reid just needs some time away from the game to reflect on what has happened to him in the last six months. As soon as he is done with that, he will be back on the sidelines and one of his teams will win a Super Bowl.

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Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Romeo Crennel


Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Romeo Crennel dealt with a team tragedy the best he possible could, but his team was terrible before the murder/suicide in question. Although I believe the Chiefs will keep him on for another year, Crennel has to start winning games as a head coach. He has experienced very little success in the NFL as the main man and that needs to change or Santa will keep him on this list for many years to come, of course that is if he ever finds a another job.

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Oakland Raiders Head Coach Dennis Allen


The Oakland Raiders gave up an arm and a leg for QB Carson Palmer, but it has not led to any success. The fact that they shut out the Chiefs is not that impressive. The Raiders defense is terrible and their offense can't seem to get into the end zone. Head Coach Dennis Allen is placed on the naughty list because their record is terrible and I believe Santa wants to see Jon Gruden return to the "Black Hole". He is an offensive mastermind and will have a lot of fun with Palmer.

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New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan


Jets QB Tim Tebow has become some what of a distraction on the sideline and you can blame upper management for that. However, you can blame Head Coach Rex Ryan for the Jets failure to make the playoffs. He did not handle the quarterback situation well and that is one of his most important jobs. His faith in Sanchez let him down. However, the number one reason Santa placed Ryan on the naughty list is because he cheated on his diet. Santa does not like cheaters. He needs to exercise and eat right like everybody else.

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San Diego Chargers Head Coach Norv Turner


San Diego Chargers Head Coach Norv Turner has experienced some success in the NFL, but really the Chargers are no better off than they were with Marty Schottenheimer. The Chargers are terrible this year and they need a change. Andy Reid would be a perfect fit for the Chargers if he doesn't take a year off from coaching. Turner makes the naughty list because Santa hates underachievers and that is exactly what the Chargers are this season.