Charles Clay is Done for 2012 Season

By Craig Ballard
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Second year Miami Dolphins player Charles Clay is done for the season with an issue with his knee ligament.

The plan for 2012 was to include Clay in the offense more often than last season. That did not happen. Clay was moved from fullback to more of a tight-end as Miami wanted him to play on the offensive line more. That did not work out either.

Clay has pass catching abilities, but as a blocker on the line of scrimmage, there is just no skill there.

Clay plated in 14 games last season and 14 again this season. As a rookie, he was targeted 25 times and had 16 catches. This season, he was targeted a bit more (33 times) but had just 18 catches. In his first season, Clay had 233 yards (14.8 yards per catch) and this season, he had 212 receiving yards (11.8 yards per catch).

Clay also had his touchdowns drop from three in 2011 to two this season. He had a dozen first downs last season, but that dropped to just eight this year.

There was only one game all season where Clay and Ryan Tannehill were clicking. In week 12 at home vs the Seattle Seahawks, Clay had six catches (career-high) for 84 yards (career-high).

Clay was a touchdown machine in college when he played running back for the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes. He ran for 28 touchdowns and caught another 10 touchdowns in his four years at Tulsa.

He is under contract for two more seasons and we will watch Anthony Fasano and his free-agency this off-season. If Fasano does depart, then we will likely see more of Clay in 2013.

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