Dallas Cowboys Should Trade for Kirk Cousins to be Tony Romo's Successor

By Jeric Griffin
kirk cousins
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Tony Romo is and will be the Dallas Cowboys‘ starting quarterback until he retires. Period. End of Story. And that’s the way it should be unless Peyton Manning demands a trade to Dallas.

However, Romo isn’t getting any younger and the Cowboys haven’t had much success in project quarterbacks to eventually replace No. 9. That could (and should) change with one swift front office move.

The Washington Redskins have a great problem with two quality starting quarterbacks on their roster in rookies Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins, taken in the first and fourth rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft, respectively. Needless to say, Washington got an absolute steal in Cousins, who should have been drafted long before pick No. 102.

But that’s how it goes: NFL teams overlook the quality starters for the all-hype guys, which is why Griffin was taken with the second overall pick even though Cousins will likely have a more successful pro career, granted he ends up as the starter on a decent team before too long.

That team should be the Cowboys. Trading for Cousins now wouldn’t cost nearly what it will in a year or two, and he could begin his grooming to become Romo’s eventual successor. You can bet the farm half the teams in the league will be after Cousins by the midway point of the 2013 season, if not before then. The trade deadline for the 2012 season has passed, but making a deal for Cousins should be Dallas’ top priority in March.

If Jerry Jones hadn’t moronically given Kyle Orton a $10.5 million contract, it might be pretty easy to swap him and a draft pick for Cousins, which would be a bargain for Dallas. However, Orton is owed $1.35 million in 2013 and then a whopping $3.25 million in 2014, so even someone with as little football knowledge as Dan Snyder probably won’t make that deal.

Regardless, Jones should go to relatively drastic measures to bring Cousins to Dallas. If not, whomever Cousins teams up with will undoubtedly beat the Cowboys in their first meeting because that’s the luck of America’s Team. Romo can’t play forever, and Lord knows the Cowboys can’t groom their own quarterbacks (see McGee, Stephen). Bring Cousins to Dallas, Jerry.

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