Denver Broncos: Taking Care of Business

By Joe Morrone
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s only Tuesday and the talk has all ready started about how the Denver Broncos need to be alert because their game with the Cleveland Browns is a classic trap game. The problem with that line of thinking is that people have been saying that for weeks about the Broncos and it hasn’t happened yet.

There were the back to back games versus the Cincinnati Bengals and Carolina Panthers that people were worried about, and the Broncos won both games easily. There was the game versus the Oakland Raiders on a short week that had people concerned, and the Broncos won by 13. There was the home game versus a desperate San Diego Chargers team and the Broncos won by seven, but the game was never that close. Now some are worried about the fact that the Broncos might be in for a letdown because they are going home to play a 5-9 Browns team, and are big favorites. It’s not going to happen.

The veteran leadership for the Broncos simply will not allow it; Peyton Manning never takes anything for granted and the rest of the team has bought into his approach. Manning holds everyone accountable and in many respects; the opponent just does not matter. The preparation for Manning and the Broncos does not change; it’s a business approach and they take care of their business.

On the defensive side of the ball; Champ Bailey will not allow anyone to get complacent. He has been around a long time and seen it all, but there’s one thing he does not have and that’s a ring. Bailey has accomplished everything possible in the NFL with the exception of winning a Super Bowl. He sees his chance with this team and he is not about to let anyone give it back by losing to a sub-par team.

In addition to Manning and Bailey; the steady leadership of John Fox has kept this team focused on the task in front of them all season. That will not change just because the Broncos now have the inside track to the second seed in the AFC. The team as a whole has completely bought into Fox’s no nonsense, business approach and there are no letdowns coming.

The Broncos have worked 14 games to get to this point; there’s no way they are going to give it all back now. It is true that Bronco teams in recent history had a habit of losing these kinds of games but I have news for you; that was then and this is now. These Broncos led by Fox, Manning and Bailey are focused, confident and extremely good.

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