It's a Good Thing That the Tennessee Titans Ruined New York Jets Playoff Hopes

By Stephanie Umek
Michael Griffin against Jets
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets had a chance Monday Night to keep their slim playoff chances alive. The Tennessee Titans figured, if they can’t go, neither can the Jets. It’s hard to say if it was actually a good game. The Jets were playing for a Wild Card spot, to tie the Pittsburgh Steelers.

To be honest it was more of an interesting game between two teams who really have struggled all season. To see them play against each other to me was going to be a kick in itself.I knew going into the game that it was going to be low scoring. I was thinking 30 points between the two teams tops. Not too far off considering the combined end score was 24.

Chris Johnson made Titans/Oilers and NFL history Monday night was a 94 yard touchdown run. That was huge both for the Titans momentum and Johnson’s confidence. He needed that he was due. It didn’t scare me at all when the Jets took a 10-7 lead.


Can we just focus a bit on two players for the Tennessee Titans that really shined tonight, aside from Johnson. Michael Preston, a rookie wide receiver came up with a couple huge catches for the Titans and Michael Griffin had two extremely important interceptions in the fourth quarter. Just as the Jets thought they had something at the two minute warning Griffin came out of the blue in the red zone to pick off Mark Sanchez for the second time.

It was only fitting that with :47 seconds left in the game with great field position after a horrible punt by Titans’ Brett Kern that Sanchez fumbles the ball and the Titans recover. Incredibly ugly finish to an incredibly ugly game for the Jets; and really for that matter, their entire season. The Jets don’t deserve to go to the playoffs.

I guess it was just a matter of the Titans having the mind set of needing to win and for lack of a better term, taking playoff chances away from the Jets.

I’m excited for the Titans, they needed this badly. Their season isn’t all that much better, but they sure are more organized.

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