New York Jets Need a Change in Leadership

By Christopher Gamble


Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets season is over, at least as far as playoff hopes go. Mark Sanchez was given a chance to be a hero with the Jets trailing 14-10 with less than fifty seconds remaining and the ball gifted to them at the 25-yardline. Mark Sanchez fumbled the ball on a bad snap and the Tennessee Titans recovered to give the Titans the win.

The last offensive play of the game is indicative of the entire Jets season and serves as a microcosm that can’t be ignored. Rex Ryan put his faith in Mark Sanchez and that faith has not been rewarded. Sanchez has regressed this year, though not all of it is his fault.

General Manager Mike Tannenbaum failed his team and failed Jets fans. So too did Rex Ryan. Ryan wanted to go with a ground and pound philosophy and yet failed to bolster an offensive line that was in desperate need of help and only acted after it was too late.

Tannenbaum’s drafts in recent seasons have been lackluster and his free agent acquisitions have mostly been aged veterans who offered nothing in the way of long-term success but covered up warts for the short-term. Now, those veterans like LaDainian Tomlinson, Plaxico Burress, and Jason Taylor are gone and the warts are exposed.

Big money was invested in Santonio Holmes in July of 2011. Holmes rewarded the Jets with a season that ended with him being accused of quitting on the team. Was anything done? Not a thing. It was all kept in house and Holmes lost his “C” along with every other captain. He was never truly held accountable.

There is a reason the Jets have been called the biggest circus in football. It is because the environment was allowed to foster under this leadership.

It is time for a change. A new general manager is needed and, if necessary, a new coach. Rex Ryan might not be long for the job if a new GM is brought in but what has he done in the last two years that warrants him to keep his job?

A change in leadership is coming. Perhaps Ryan should just start Greg McElroy and see what happens.

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