NFL Misses Point By Banning Dallas Cowboys' Josh Brent From Sidelines

By Ben Grimaldi
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The argument started when CBS cameras found Josh Brent on the sideline of the Dallas Cowboys game against the Pittsburgh Steelers game on Sunday. There were plenty of people of the opinion that it was inappropriate for Brent to be there. It is my belief that if you aren’t involved with the situation, you should shut up about it.

Today, we got the NFL’s answer on the situation. Brent, who is on reserve/non-football injury list as a result of being charged with intoxication manslaughter two weeks ago in the crash that killed teammate Jerry Brown, will no longer be allowed to be on the Cowboys sidelines. That is the leagues decision and the Cowboys have agreed.

Apparently the team did not know that Brent was going to be attending the game. Jason Garrett didn’t notice him until pre-game warm-ups and Jerry Jones didn’t know until he saw him on television. Brent was talked into going by teammates and left in the third quarter because of the controversy.

I am fine with the league’s and the team’s decision because there is a delicate line to be drawn with the seriousness of the charges and supporting a friend. The NFL doesn’t want the controversy or perception that it condones Brent’s actions that fateful night.

However, both the NFL and Jones called Brent’s presence on the sidelines ‘inappropriate’ and I cannot agree with that assessment at all. I’m still trying to figure out the outrage from people when it should be a remarkable story about forgiveness.

Brown’s mother, Stacy Jackson, has forgiven Brent and asked for teammates and the Cowboys to support him through this difficult time. Yes it was of his own doing but if Brown’s mother can forgive, why is it so hard for others who have zero connection to Brown to do something much easier, accept her wishes.

Everyone understands the severity of drinking and driving and the charges against Brent are extremely serious but that does not mean Brent’s teammates urging him to attend the game were inappropriate. They are looking out for a friend in a difficult time.

Ask yourself this question, would you be this hard on a friend of yours in this situation? Or would you just move on because of a mistake?

I’m not excusing what Brent did, instead I am respecting the attitude and remarkable kindness shown by a woman who just lost her son. Anyone want to tell her that her actions are inappropriate?

Didn’t think so.

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