NFL Week 15 Heroes And Goats

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NFL Week 15 Heroes and Goats

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Every week in the NFL there are heroes and goats, and this week is no different. Week 15 saw some amazing performances, as well as some absolute duds. In this new weekly segment I’m going to take you through the heroes of the NFL week that was, as well as the goats. There are criteria for the weekly winners and just because you threw for 400 yards and 3 touchdowns doesn’t necessarily land you on this list. Of you put up great numbers and you blow the game for your team, you could be a goat. It also works vice versa, it you stink it up all day but make the big plays at the end to win the game, you could wind up being a hero! We don’t know who it’s going to be from week to week; sometimes it’ll be obvious who it’ll be, other times you may be surprised.

This is the NFL where things can change pretty quickly and going from hero to goat may not take much but landing on this list will either be the worst thing that you want to happen or the best thing that ever happened! You could also be a hero one week, only to find yourself the goat the next because this list does not play favorites or look into the future; it’s all about what happened this week in the NFL. So who made this week’s list of heroes and goats? The only way to know is to click here.

Week 15 Heroes and Goats:

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5. Goat: Josh Freeman

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Josh Freeman shows up at number 5 because he failed to lead the Bucs offense to any points against a porous New Orleans Saints defense. He was picked off four times and was eventually replaced by Dan Orlovsky. Not a great day to be Josh Freeman.

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4. Goat: Joe Flacco

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Joe Flacco comes in at number 4 because he may have cost the Ravens the game when he threw the pick 6 interception near the end of the first half. Instead of getting Baltimore within one score at halftime, they were down three scores and the game was practically over.

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3. Goat: Matthew Stafford

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Number 3 is Matthew Stafford. He threw two interceptions that were returned for a touchdown and failed to throw a touchdown in a loss to a Cards team that hadn’t won in nine games. That makes you a goat.

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2. Goat: New York Giants

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Number 2 is the entire New York Giants team because they failed to show up in Atlanta. The Giants are known as a team that plays their best in the biggest games but that wasn’t the case last Sunday. They were dominated by the Falcons, a team they smoked last year in the playoffs.

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1. Goat: Rex Ryan

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New York, New York at numbers 1 and 2 because Rex Ryan of the Jets lands here. How can you stick with a quarterback that gives you no chance to win? The Jets season was on the line and the Jets allowed Mark Sanchez to continue to play. Sanchez has been on the goat list a few times this season and it can’t all be blamed on him, the coaches need to take some of the blame. Rex Ryan is the head coach and he lands in the number 1 spot.

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5. Hero: Matt Ryan

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Matt Ryan is number 5 because of the way he led the Falcons to a convincing win over the Giants. Atlanta had been called the worst 12-2 in the history of the NFL but he led the Falcons to an impressive win by throwing 3 touchdowns.

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4. Hero: Brandon Carr

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Brandon Carr takes the number 4 spot after intercepting Ben Roethlisberger in overtime to set up the Cowboys game winning field goal. It wasn’t just the interception either as Carr played well the entire game but his diving pick was the play of the game and it makes him a hero.

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3. Hero: Russell Wilson

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Russell Wilson comes in at number 3 after an impressive performance against the Bills, which is probably why he comes in at 3. He ran for three touchdowns and threw for one in totaling 297 yards of offense. It could have been worse if Seahawks didn’t call off their attack in the third quarter. A great game from Wilson!

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2. Hero: Kirk Cousins

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Kirk Cousins is number 2 on the list because of the way he led the Redskins to a big road against Cleveland in his first NFL start. He threw for 329 yards and two scores to guide Washington to the win. They are now tied for the NFC East lead because of Cousins’ play.

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1. Hero: Adrian Peterson

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The top spot goes to Adrian Peterson. Dude is a freak who makes his living on this list. Against the Rams he put up 212 yards rushing and scored on an 82-yard yard. What Peterson is doing right now is nothing short of spectacular. He’s got the number 1 hero spot this week because I’m in awe of him.