Rex Ryan Starting Greg McElroy is Proof He Never Wanted Tim Tebow

By Jeff Shull
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

News is breaking out of New York/New Jersey that New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan will start Greg McElroy in their Week 16 contest against the San Diego Chargers. Do you need anymore proof Ryan never wanted anything to do with Tebow-mania?

This move is an act of desperation to save his job. The Jets, who were eliminated from playoff contention Monday night, have nothing else to play for and Ryan is now looking to the future. Clearly, it’s a future he doesn’t expect, nor want, Tim Tebow to have any part of.

With the embarrassing loss last night, the echoes rained from social media outlets saying the Jets needed to start from scratch. End this reign of mediocrity and bring new faces to the once-proud franchise.

In the wake of the cries for Ryan’s head, he reacted in the best way he saw fit: To start a quarterback that fans can believe in moving forward.

This wasn’t even the only indication Ryan never wanted Tebow in his locker room. Tebow was brought in and expected to be a regular contributor and, at least from an outsider’s perspective, a backup plan in case Mark Sanchez blew up in their face. Well, after the dynamite that was Sanchez’s season, Ryan inexplicably left Tebow on the bench.

Even when they involved Tebow, it was at an extremely limited basis. He only attempted 32 runs and eight passes all season. In fact, when Sanchez got hurt against the Arizona Cardinals, it was McElroy who took over. Tebow was inactive due to a supposed injury, but something tells me that was fabricated.

The only explanation is he either never wanted Tebow, or he did it to spite fans who were calling for Tebow to start. The latter is much less likely, though not crazy given Ryan’s personality. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he was infuriated by fans insisting he start Tebow like their football knowledge was greater than his.

But no, Ryan’s refusal to succumb to Tebow-mania had nothing to do with the fans. He never wanted him in the first place. Mike Tannenbaum force fed Tebow to this locker room, and it only served to divide it and led to the team’s ultimate demise.

Ryan is hoping McElroy plays well and saves his job. I certainly understand the move, but the fact he waited so long could actually turn out to be his undoing.

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