Tim Tebow Needs To Demand A Trade This Off-season

By Riley Schmitt
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow has had an interesting year. Everyone thought the New York Jets were going to give him an honest shot to be the quarterback if things went south. Things have gone south and it appears that Greg McElroy is the guy going forward. This means that Tebow needs to demand a trade after the season.

Tebow needs to get out of NY as soon as possible.  It is clear that they do not want him and there have to be some teams out there that think they can use him right.  If Tebow is willing to take a backup role, there are some very good teams that could use him.  If he wants to start, he is going to have some very limited opportunities.

If you want a team that could turn him into an actual QB, look no further than the Green Bay Packers.  The team has a history of developing quarterbacks and Tebow could be the next in line.  He could benefit from the quarterback school that the team puts its players through.  If they can not turn him into something, nobody can.

The off-season is going to be an interesting time for Tebow.  He is not the type of guy to speak out publicly against his team, but he needs to now.  If he wants to continue playing football, a fresh start is needed.

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