Would Tim Tebow Have Saved the New York Jets?

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets have destiny standing on their sideline. He wears the number 15 and yet, their stubborn head coach Rex Ryan refused to embrace his talents. With last night’s loss to the Tennessee Titans, the Jets are officially eliminated from the AFC Playoffs. The Jets did themselves no favors by not playing Tim Tebow.

But instead, the Jets stuck with Mark Sanchez, who’s been terrible this season. OK, I am being too kind. Sanchez is in the team photo for worst starting quarterback in the NFL. He’s turned the ball over 25 times this season. When he throws the ball, there is no telling where it is going to go. He’s a defeated Trojan and should not be playing for the J-E-T-S Jet Jets Jets. As he’s proven time and time again this season, Sanchez is a disaster on the big stage. Monday night’s game continues to reinforce that notion.

Meanwhile, the script could have been different with Tebow leading the charge. In addition to his devine quarterbacking skills, he’s a natural leader. His career record and success throughout his career reinforces this notion. I just don’t understand why the Jets would have brought in Tebow only to let him collect dust on the sidelines. OK, he’s brought in for the occasional quarterback run, but he brings so much more to the table. If I were a Jets fan, my anger would run quite deep with the lack of respect for Tebow’s football talents.

Ryan’s future may be in doubt after his team’s bad season. Sanchez needs to go as well. All of this could have been avoided if Tebow were given a fair chance to play.

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