Buffalo Bills Center Eric Wood Calls Toronto Games a "Joke"

By Scott DelleFave
Wood, Eric 4
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills center Eric Wood sounded off about the Bills Toronto Series, while some Bills players would say minor comments about the game in passing, Wood wasn’t so reserved. The Bills players usually refer the series as a home away from home. Here and there, players would bemoan the atmosphere not being as energetic as Ralph Wilson Stadium but not take their comments much deeper.

Wood was on with “Norton in the Morning” on 97 Rock for his weekly segment and said, “I think that Toronto series has turned into pretty much a joke,” “I think they started it hoping that we’d have a lot of fan support in Toronto.We have none.”

Wood didn’t stop there by saying as well,”You’re making a team from out west travel, and then you give them the comfort a dome, and you don’t make them play in our stadium,” Wood said. “We have no home-field advantage allowed. We travel, too. I just think it’s a joke.”

“And it’s a bad atmosphere for football. I mean, nobody wants to play there. I guess for opposing teams it beats going into an opponent’s stadium and dealing with a bunch of crowd noise.”

“I don’t think it’s turned out they way we wanted, and I hope we don’t renew it. That sucked.”

I find it refreshing in a way that a player sounded off, however this could be seen as conduct detrimental to the team, despite I firmly agree with what Wood said as a Bills fan and season ticket holder.

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