Death Threat New York Jets' Mark Sanchez Received On Twitter Is Inexcusable

By Ben Grimaldi
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Being the man who most people blame for the New York Jets losing a game is never easy, especially in the New York papers. However, after turning the ball over five times in the loss to the Tennessee Titans on Monday night, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez may have bigger things to worry about.

According to Mike Garafolo of USA Today, Sanchez received a death threat via Twitter. A person with the handle @BraveGrancru tweeted the following after the loss:


That same person followed up with Garafolo with a direct message telling him, “I do not want to harm Sanchez or do intend to, I’m just a Die hard Jets fan that was mad & got carried away.”

The Jets were notified of the threat.

This isn’t the first time a professional athlete has ever received a death threat, but how insensitive and misguided can this person be? Did they not realize that someone would, and should, take something like this seriously after what just happened in Newtown, Connecticut? I hope whoever @BraveGrancru is can understand how inappropriate his or her actions were. The message about shooting Mark Sanchez over losing a game is inexcusable and should be dealt with harshly.

It might seem like a joke to some people, but in this day and age, who knows what anyone is capable of? If society has taught us anything in the past few years, it’s to take every threat seriously, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I love sports, especially football, more than anyone but this is an example of how people take sports too seriously. It’s just a game and if it affects you in a way where you want to do harm to someone, perhaps you have bigger problems than your favorite team losing a game. Threatening an athlete because they caused your favorite team to lose is ridiculous, childish and moronic. Athletes are under enough pressure and shouldn’t have to deal with receiving death threats of any kind.

It’s an extremely sad world we live in when a monster goes on a shooting spree at an elementary school; it’s even worse that just a few days after that horrific incident, someone threatens to shoot someone else in a public forum.

Shame on @BraveGrancru and I hope he’s held accountable for his actions.

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