Green Bay Packers' Randall Cobb Is Mr. All Purpose

By AJEnno
Mike DINovo-USA TODAY Sports

For the Green Bay Packers offense, the 2012 season has been inconsistent. One consistent thing all year has been the play of second year WR Randall Cobb. Coming into the season not much was expected from Cobb, who had a very productive rookie year as a return man. Cobb has proved all season that he is more than just a return man or a gimmick player. He can be a solid number one receiver, and will be for the Packers one day. He could be the most versatile weapon the Packers have ever had. He’s able to line up in the backfield, and at every receiver position.

There have been countless times when Cobb has come up huge as a receiver this season. Two games that stick out to me are the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions in back to back weeks. During important, game clinching drives late in the third quarter Cobb got open on 3rd down and QB Aaron Rodgers found him in both games. To me, those were his most important catches of the season. He’s garnered 892 yards receiving, 132 yards rushing, seven touchdowns receiving and one punt return TD this season. That’s special for a receiver in his sophomore season to accumulate such numbers.

I believe Cobb will be the reason that Greg Jennings will leave via free agency this offseason. Making Cobb the number one receiving option will probably mean being taken off either kick return or punt return.

I’d be fine with that, because I’d rather have a healthy playmaker all season, rather than getting burnt out doing all returning. Lining up in the backfield should still be a apart of Cobbs game though. It seems like every time he touches the ball he gets at least 10 yards a carry. That kind of versatile player makes for a dynamic offense.

Cobb has proven a lot this year and will continue to do so in his time in Green Bay. It may be time for GM Ted Thompson to start thinking about a contract extension for Cobb. He’s one player that the Packers can’t let slip away.

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