New York Jets Need New Head Coach To Soar Again

By Harry Dole
For the Jets to compete with Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, they need to hire offensive minded head coach Andy Reid, who will probably be released by the Philadelphia Eagles after the season. David Butler II – USA TODAY SPORTS

After the New York Jets turnover ridden loss to the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night, which knocked them out of NFL playoff contention, Jets owner Woody Johnson told reporters, “I’ll talk to you guys after the season.”  One can infer this to mean Johnson will be doing a lot more than talking after the season.

It is not much of a secret that both Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan and General Manager Mike Tannenbaum have been under critical review this entire season.  Johnson made it rather clear during a press conference earlier in the season that he was not in any mood to hand out votes of confidence to anyone on the team.  Although many are lobbying to give Ryan another year to strut his stuff, this may not be the right move for a team in dire need of rebuilding their offense.

At best, the Jets are probably looking at six or seven wins next season.  Without a star running back, a couple of star wide receivers and solid quarterback play, there is no way the Gang Green can be expected to contend in 2013.  The Jets may not be picking very high (top 10) in the draft and since QB Mark Sanchez and his disappearing confidence are gobbling up $8.25 in guaranteed coin next season, expectations cannot be too high.

To keep Ryan around for another non-playoff run makes absolutely no sense, since it will delay the Jets rebuilding efforts.  There is very little chance of righting this ship in just one season, so why keep Ryan as head coach for another season to see what he can do?  We already have seen what he can do with a marginal team the past two seasons.

Ryan should be offered the Jets Defensive Coordinator position because, in all honesty, that is what he is.  If Ryan refuses to be moved back into his natural coaching position, then the Jets should hand him his walking papers.  More than likely, Ryan could then go and bury his head coaching career at some insignificant league outpost such as Cleveland or Kansas City, like his two predecessors (Eric Mangini and Herm Edwards) did after leaving the Jets.

So, if it is not a good idea to have Ryan coach the Jets next season, who should lead them?  Word has it, there may be a coach available after the season who has won seven division titles, has appeared in one Super Bowl, has only had three losing seasons in fourteen and has a .588 regular season winning percentage.  The coach’s name is Andy Reid and he is located only 90 minutes down the New Jersey Turnpike in Philadelphia.

Prior to becoming a head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999, Reid was a quarterbacks, tight ends and assistant offensive line coach for the Green Bay Packers.  Both with the Packers and the Eagles, Reid had some very prolific offensive units, helping to develop superstar QBs Brett Favre and Donovan McNabb.  Reid may be a good fit for a team which is in desperate need of rebuilding their offense.

The hiring of Reid will also solve the Jets GM problem (goodbye Tanny), since Reid can fill both roles of Head Coach and General Manager.  Can you imagine what a Reid and Ryan combination would look like after a couple seasons of rebuilding?  Both guys have coached top five offensive and defensive units and should compliment each other very well.

Therefore, before Woody talks to the press after the season, he should pick up the phone and speak to Reid to see if he has any interest in taking a one way trip up the Turnpike.  Then Johnson would really have something to talk about.

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