Oakland Raiders: How to Stop the "Super" Cam Newton

By Jeremy Hayes
Cam Newton
Geoff Burke- US Presswire

The Oakland Raiders have finally won a game after losing six straight, but now have to face Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

Newton is coming off of a mediocre performance compared to his efforts against the Atlanta FalconsThis appears to be a game that the Raiders don’t have a shot in. Wrong.

This is the same quarterback who failed to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this season. Newton lost to the worst team in the NFL, he is talented, but highly inconsistent, which would also describe his completion percentage.

The key to stopping Cam “Superman” Newton is to rattle him. The way to beat him is to force incomplete passes, as well as containing him inside the pocket and keeping him from scrambling for first downs. Pressure is always good, if the Raiders can pressure Newton and the running game, they should have no problems.

The Raiders need to build a lead, and make Newton throw more. If they build a lead early on some how, they will set themselves up to trust Sebastian Janikowski to get field goals for them on each drive and play more of a safe offense with Darren McFadden. Newton is not a bad quarterback, so they can not expect minimally decent coverage to work against him.

The first step is shutting down the run, if the Raiders put the ball in Newton’s hands, the Raiders will surprise many and pull off the upset. Newton is the most dangerous player on offense, if the Raiders gang-tackle and play tight coverage, Newton will have an off day.

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