Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy Should Not Play Again in 2012

By Carl Conrad
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

There is absolutely no reason for Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy to come back for the last two games of the season. Let me clarify: there is no reason for the Eagles to bring him back. I’m well aware that as a professional athlete, McCoy wants to come back and compete. It would be strange if he didn’t. In fact, it would be somewhat disconcerting if he wasn’t chomping at the bit to get back on the field.

However, the Eagles have nothing at all to gain by putting him back on the field in two completely meaningless games to end the 2012 NFL season. The team currently sits at 4-10 and has been eliminated from playoff contention. They have nothing to play for other than pride, something which they have shown very little of thus far.

The team has publicly stated that they are giving their younger players a chance to take over the reins to close out the year. If that is the case, why not continue to give Bryce Brown and Dion Lewis a chance to get more snaps over the last two weeks? The Eagles are already well aware of what they have in McCoy, and that is one of the top running backs in the entirety of the league…when he is healthy. Brown and Lewis could use some more reps to show what they have to offer the team in the future.

If Philadelphia wants to do everything in their power to ensure McCoy stays healthy for 2013, they would be wise to sit him for these last two games. What if “Shady” tears an ACL or suffers yet another concussion in one of these two insignificant games? Then the team is already at a disadvantage heading into next year. With all due respect to Brown and Lewis, it would not be detrimental to the future of the team if one of them went down with any injury this year. Should McCoy undergo a serious injury, there is a good chance Philadelphia would be behind the eight ball for 2013 even before the offseason begins.

I’m sure that the decision will be made to play McCoy in the final two games of the year. However, when taking a look at the situation from a risk/reward perspective, the risk far outweighs any potential reward that would come from McCoy participating in either of these games.


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