Seattle Seahawks' Playoff Berth will be Through the Wild Card

By Jake Coburn
Seattle Seahawks - Marshawn Lynch
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

With the San Francisco 49ers’ win over the New England Patriots last week, the hope for the NFC West title is slipping away for the Seattle Seahawks.

If Seattle can defeat the Niners this week, the thought of the title is still there but chances are much less likely, looking at the remainder for both teams schedules.

For the Seahawks to take the NFC West they will have to win out the rest of the season, and the Niners will have to lose the last two games of the season.

San Francisco’s last two games are against the Seahawks and the struggling Arizona Cardinals. With the quarterback issues of the Cardinals against the strong defense of the Niners, there is not much hope that San Francisco will lose their last two games.

Seattle’s playoff hopes are still high as they hold the first wild card spot. As long as they do not lose their last two games of the season they should be fine in wild card position. The biggest challenge of their schedule is the Niners, after that they face the St. Louis Rams.

The first time Seattle faced San Francisco was on the road where the Seahawks lost a close one. Since then, both teams have gotten better but all the difference could be that the game is in Seattle.

The Seahawks are still undefeated at home and have defeated some great teams along the way. Seattle will also be hosting the Rams at home which gives them the perfect opportunity to win out the rest of the season and keep their playoff spot.

With the small hope that the Niners will lose out the rest of the season, Seahawks fans can rest easy in the fact that the Seahawks most likely will make the playoffs through the wild card.

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