Tennessee Titans offense linemen continue to get injured

By Stephanie Umek
Kevin Matthews and Rusty Smith
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Even with an ugly win like Monday’s against the New York Jets the Tennessee Titans still have their work cut out for them. With players dropping like flies it is no wonder why they can’t win games. Kind of hard to win when you don’t have a healthy offensive line.

Say what you want about the Titans defense, yes everyone knows that is a problem. The franchise knew it was a problem a year ago and that is what they targeted in the 2012 NFL draft. But take a closer look at the offense.

The center position is almost completely null and void at this point in the season. Fernando Velasco, and Kevin Matthews are both suffering injuries but not listed on the injured reserve. However Eugene Amano and Leroy Harris are both on that list. It may seem like a very simple position to many people, but it is one of the most important positions to begin a snap. Literally.

Matthews is the most current center to be taken down. He was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain in Monday’s game against the Jets. As of right now it is looking like Kyle DeVan will end up being the replacement center for the rest of the season.

Tennessee did a good job in the off-season last year by picking up veteran guard Steve Hutchinson from the Minnesota Vikings last year but he is out for the season. And I could have seen that coming, he is one of the oldest players in the league and takes at least one day off of practice a week for non-injury related reasons.

Other injuries to the squad include Kendall Wright who is still being evaluated and Damian Williams with a hamstring injury.

There are two more games left for the Titans, next week they take on the Green Bay Packers and their regular season will finish with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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