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Trading Tim Tebow: 5 Potential Suitors

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Tim Tebow needs a new home... Any takers?

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Following the latest news that the New York Jets have confirmed Greg McElroy as their starting quarterback for Week 16, the rumors have begun to fly that apparent third-stringer Tim Tebow could request a trade this offseason if he doesn’t get a chance to start before season’s end.

When the Jets brought Tebow in this offseason through a trade with the Denver Broncos, it was assumed that he would push then-starter Mark Sanchez for the No. 1 spot on the depth chart. That, however, hasn’t panned out as the Jets continued to roll with Sanchez despite his countless letdowns and mental lapses.

With the raw, inexperienced McElroy taking over as the Jets’ starter, it’s becoming obvious that New York has no intentions of ever letting Tebow get top billing. Apart from his role as personal protector and getting his number called on the occasional keeper or screen pass, Tebow has basically been a non-factor as the Jets continue to waste his magic-making skills.

Tebow is the type of talent, whether he’s getting the ball or not, that is best utilized when he’s actually on the field and in the action. He has this way of pulling wins out of thin air, which is something that Sanchez could never even dream of being able to do. Yet still, the Jets were convinced by McElroy’s lone game-winning touchdown that he’s the best bet for the Gang Green at this point in the season. Hence, the trade scenarios have begun to arise.

Let’s take a look at five potential landing spots for Tebow as he continues his trek towards proving that he’s more than just a gadget player and decoy in the NFL.

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Oakland Raiders

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It’s no secret that Carson Palmer’s days are numbered as a starting quarterback in the NFL. The years are racking up and it’s becoming apparent as to why the Cincinnati Bengals weren’t too heartbroken about severing ties. While many believe that the Raiders will address the quarterback spot via the upcoming NFL Draft, they could give themselves another year to rebuild while working with what Tebow has to offer as a passer. Seeing as Oakland’s wide receiver corps is built for speed and Tebow throws a solid deep ball, he seems to be a serviceable option. He’d take some of the pressure off of Darren McFadden by forcing opposing defenses to account for him in the ground game as well. On top of everything, it just seems like the type of move that the Raiders would make; go for athletes rather than football players.

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Arizona Cardinals

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By no means am I saying that bringing in Tebow would solve the Cardinals’ wretched woes at the quarterback spot. Honestly, though, he couldn’t be any worse than what they currently have and actually has proven to be capable of winning games in the past. If anything, Tebow could be a stopgap in Arizona until they can finally find some true talent via the NFL Draft. To top it off, he’d bring some excitement to their running game. Sure, LaRod Stephens-Howling has been decent in 2012, but the pipsqueak doesn’t offer much in the “up-the-gut” department, something that Tebow excels at. If he came at the right price, it would be a strong fit for the Cardinals.

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Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Jaguars were the only other team in the running for Tebow’s services when the Broncos were looking to trade him, but lost out to the Jets. Obviously, they have some interest in acquiring the former University of Florida star, who would be seen as a savior and hometown hero with the Jaguars. Plus, I don’t think anyone would miss the inept passing of Blaine Gabbert if Tebow took a few snaps here and there. Like with just about any other team, Tebow wouldn’t be a long-term answer. He would, however, give the Jaguars some life, fill seats, and give defenses something to worry about other than Maurice Jones-Drew.

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Miami Dolphins

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Much like with the Jaguars, Tebow would likely receive a warm welcome if he returned to his native Florida. Although it’s highly unlikely that he’d be unseating Ryan Tannehill as the starter, he could provide the youngster with a serviceable backup. The Dolphins are known for using the Wildcat formation early and often, which is the type of offensive attack that Tebow fits into best. He could bring some much-needed explosiveness to that particular package for the Dolphins while simply delivering some firepower to a rather modest offense. And with Reggie Bush likely to leave via free agency, the Dolphins would be able to replace one Heisman winner (sorta) with another.

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Dallas Cowboys

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I don’t know about you, but it just seems like a type of move that Jerry Jones would make. There’s no way that he would leapfrog Tony Romo on the depth chart, but Tebow could provide some ground support to a rushing attack that features two injury-prone backs. Romo constantly knowing that Tebow is waiting for his opportunity to strike could also give the starter enough motivation to finally perform when the game is on the line and start playing to his full potential. And if all else fails, at least the Cowboys could sleep easy knowing that Tebow can provide special teams support as a personal protector. That right there would make any price worth paying to bring the NFL’s most popular player to the NFL’s most popular team. It’s a match made in heaven.

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