Bad Timing for Tim Tebow to Break Up With Girlfriend Camilla Belle

By Scott DelleFave
Tim Tebow
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Hot off the presses, New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow and Camilla Belle are apparently no longer an item after it was reported today.

“It just didn’t work out,” one source said to US Weekly.

I honestly don’t care. It’s not because it’s Tim Tebow, it’s because everyone should be allowed to have a private life, and frankly a relationship should have its private moments, including a breakup. That being said, Tebow might have another breakup in his near future as it’s rumored that after this season, he will be cut by the Jets. It’s not like they were using him anyway, granted they could do a lot worse and start Mark Sanchez again.

Tebow has to be in the top five of the most polarizing athletes in history. Although I think his faith and name recognition will likely bring him another leading lady sooner than later, even if he is unemployed. A future girlfriend of Tebow’s would have to have extremely thick skin, as she’ll be thrust right into the limelight and have the paparazzi hound her.

I don’t think Tebow will be unemployed that long as I’m sure a team that direly needs a quarterback, and I could name a few, will give him a call. He’s young and talented enough, not to mention he actually is willing to learn despite not being an inexperienced rookie. That is an extremely rare thing in this generation of athletes.

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