Houston Texans Plan For Largest Video Screen In NFL Accepted

By Ben Grimaldi
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Houston Texans owner Bob McNair must admire the heck out of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones! McNair filed for, and received permission from the NFL, to build two large video screens in Reliant Stadium.

How large, you ask? Try the largest in the league. I describe them as the largest because I’m guessing none of us really know how big 52.49′ x 277.17′ truly is.

That’s right, the Texans plan on building not one, but two video screens that dwarf the one that resides in Dallas, where Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have the largest screen to date.

While many people are probably thinking Jones is upset over this development, I’m guessing he didn’t think his video board would stand as the largest in the sport forever. After all, the Washington Redskins, Tennessee Titans and New York Giants followed his vision and built large screens in their stadiums as well, so he had to know it was only a matter of time before someone bested him. I’m sure he’s not thrilled that it’s the Texans putting them in but it was Jones who opened up the door for these types of projects.

The Texans screens will be 3,000 square feet bigger than the one hanging in Cowboys Stadium and will cost an estimated $16 million. Sure it costs a pretty penny but McNair can afford it, especially after learning he’ll be reimbursed by taxpayers.

I find it funny that a few years ago people were wondering why in the world Jones would build a video screen that big and now it’s being copied all around the league. Jerry Jones isn’t much of a general manager but he sure is an innovator.

One of the reasons teams all around the league are putting in bigger score boards is because the NFL wants to enhance the experience of being at the game and these boards certainly do that. They make it easier to see the action on the field, especially if you don’t have a great seat for the game. I’ve been to Cowboys Stadium and it seems like plenty of fans watch the screens rather than the game so the investments in bigger screens seems to be paying off.

In the end who really cares about the size of the screens, most fans would rather have a winning team on the field and recently that has gone the Texans way too. The bright side, you know what Freud said about men and their infatuation with size.

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