Last Chance for Tim Tebow

By Jimmy Johnson
Tim Tebow New York Jets
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow doesn’t deserve one more chance to start at quarterback for another NFL team.

While it wasn’t his fault for being whored out to garner attention through the national media for the New York Jets – ESPN comes to mind for obvious reasons – he’s hit rock bottom in his NFL career. The Jets had him gain weight and contribute more often on special teams than handing off and throwing the ball.

Quarterback isn’t an option for Tebow – at all. But if Tebow wants to showcase himself as a true teammate, a unselfish player and someone any coach and player could rely on, then he needs accept the facts: he needs to switch positions. Fullback, h-back, tight end, third down back, or, if he’s up for it, perhaps a part-time position on defense – it doesn’t matter.

It’s a last ditch effort to save what has become a laughable career in the NFL. Tebow went from former Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels‘ quarterback of the future, to overtaking Kyle Orton in the Mile High city, to then having Peyton Manning crash his party with the Broncos organization. After being exiled from the Broncos, he arrived in New York, ready to be swallowed up by the New York media and be made into a failed science experiment at quarterback.

There was always telling signs Jets head coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum had no faith in Tebow. It was sort of like the a guy or girl who spends time with a lady or gentleman they kind of like but has no desire to fully commit to anything or bring home to mom and dad.

It’s bad enough having Mark Sanchez – Ryan and Tannenbaum’s franchise pick at quarterback – still in under center getting plummeted by opposing defenses with an offense that lacks play-makers at the every skill position, and the entire organization doesn’t feel comfortable handing over the keys to Tebow to run the offense.

Nope. They’d rather have the dashing and cunning abilities of the great Greg McElroy.

Jets owner Woody Johnson knew he couldn’t compete with the New York Giants. For how berserk and unkempt the entire Jets organization is – which makes for great headlines – Johnson needed to land the missing ingredient to to enhance the putrid batch of football that’s been stewing for several years so he could snag the back of every newspaper in the Big Apple: Tebow.

Tebow can ask for a trade. He can ask to be cut. But he shouldn’t be asking others questions.

Instead, he needs to ask himself if wants to continue his failed conquest of  being a quarterback, or just accept the facts and move on to a different position.

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