Let's Slow Down On Hype For Washington Redskins Quarterback Kirk Cousins

By Ben Grimaldi
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

When the Washington Redskins drafted Kirk Cousins in the fourth round last April there were plenty of people shaking their heads. Why on earth would the Redskins draft two quarterback, especially since one of them was Robert Griffin III?

I actually thought it was a pretty good pick. I’m not saying there weren’t others who were fine with Washington drafting Cousins, just that I’m one of the people who thought drafting him made sense.

The philosophy is simple, you can never have enough quarterbacks. The more you have, the better, especially at a position of such importance.

Fast forward to last Sunday when Cousins was coming off the first start of his career, a road win over the Cleveland Browns. He threw for 329 yards, with two touchdowns and one interception in the win.

For the past few days, all I’ve been reading or hearing about is how team’s should be looking into trading for Kirk Cousins. Are people nuts? The guy has played a little over one game in the NFL and people are already proclaiming him to be a savior for the New York Jets or Arizona Cardinals.

Cousins looked very good against the Browns and it’s tough to win on the road but let’s slow down with the hype train. The Browns have the 22nd ranked defense in the league so it’s not like Cousins tore up the ’85 Chicago Bears defense. There is also very little film on Cousins so it’s difficult to prepare for someone you’ve never seen take meaningful snaps in the NFL.

I’m not saying Cousins isn’t good or doesn’t have the potential to be good but there was a reason he lasted until the fourth round of the draft. Let’s gain a little perspective here, it was only one start. Think about how good people were saying Kevin Kolb was going to be after his first few starts and where is he now?

The other question I have is why in the world would the Redskins want to trade Cousins? He’s a nice, cheap, developing quarterback and they don’t grow on trees. With the way RGIII plays, Washington would be wise to hold onto Cousins in case Griffin sustains an injury. If he’s as good as everyone thinks he is then there is no need to trade him right now.

Kirk Cousins looks like a nice NFL quarterback but let’s get a bigger sample size before we start talking about him as a savior for another team. As Bill Parcells used to say, let’s put away the anointing oil.

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