New York Jets: Say No to Michael Vick

By Raymond Mencke


Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The quarterback situation for the New York Jets is very bleak as of right now.  Mark Sanchez will most likely be on the team next year unless the Jets somehow find a trading partner or cut him which will kill their salary cap.  Tim Tebow probably won’t be back and they don’t know what Greg McElroy is at the moment.

One quarterback they need to avoid at all costs is Michael Vick.  There were some reports floating around yesterday that Vick would be interested in playing for the Jets if he was going to be a starter.  Of course he is going to say that because he needs to say he’ll play anywhere as the Philadelphia Eagles are not bringing him back.

We all know the history of Sanchez turning the ball over and Vick isn’t too far behind.  Since he joined the Eagles in 2009 he’s fumbled the ball 31 times and thrown 29 interceptions in 46 games.  Somehow he only lost 12 of the 31 fumbles.  We do know he plays behind a terrible offensive line in Philadelphia but how can the team justify that he’s an upgrade over Sanchez in ball security?

The other enormous issue is durability.  He’s only played 16 games once in his entire NFL career and that was back in 2006.  Due to his nature of running the ball he’s going to miss games because of the hits he takes.  Can the Jets bring him in as a starter and be set with McElroy or Sanchez backing him up?

Money is going to be an issue as hell as you can’t have him making less money than Sanchez if Sanchez is going to be on the team.  If Vick wants to be a starter he obviously would want to make more money than his backup.  This doesn’t seem to be a financially responsible decision for the Jets to make.

Bringing in Vick would be a nightmare for this team that is already seen as a joke by most of the media.  Vick is going to cost too much money, can’t stay on the field and doesn’t protect the ball.  He’s basically an older version of Sanchez but Sanchez doesn’t get hurt.  We know the owner likes a big name at quarterback but this is one guy they should avoid at all costs.

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