NFL Picks: Week 16

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NFL Picks: Week 16

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It seems like yesterday that all NFL teams were reporting to training camp and now here we sit with only two weeks to go in the regular season. There are some teams who are in the playoffs, some who are out and some who are still fighting to get in. Here’s quick look at each division with two games left.

NFC East: The Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins control their own destiny. If either of those teams wins their remaining two games, they win the division. They play one another in week 17. The New York Giants will also get in if they win their last two games.

NFC North: The Green Bay Packers have won the division and are currently the third seed. The Minnesota Vikings currently hold the last playoff spot in the NFC and can hang onto it with two more wins. The Chicago Bears can still get in via a wildcard but they will need some help.

NFC South: The Atlanta Falcons are the division champions and will likely clinch home-field advantage.

NFC West: The San Francisco 49ers are in control of the division and are currently the second seed. The Seattle Seahawks are the hottest team in the NFC and are currently seeded fifth.

AFC East: The New England Patriots won the division and are likely headed for the third seed.

AFC North: The Baltimore Ravens are in the playoffs and they lead the division, but they are fading. It may be difficult for them to hold off the Cincinnati Bengals for the division title. The team in real trouble is the Pittsburgh Steelers; they must win their last two games and get help.

AFC South: The Houston Texans should wrap up home-field advantage in the next week or two. The Indianapolis Colts are also in great shape; only needing one more win to clinch a wildcard spot.

AFC West: The hottest team in the NFL right now is the Denver Broncos and with two home wins; they will wrap up the second seed in the AFC.

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Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions

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It’s Saturday night but it’s actually the last Monday night game of the season; they do not want to play on Christmas Eve so that’s why this is on Saturday. It won’t matter what day they play; the Falcons are much better than the Detroit Lions and it will show. The Falcons in a blowout.

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St. Louis Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Both of these teams have made great strides in 2012 and are on the right track going forward. Both are coming off of blowout losses and are probably ready for the season to end. I’ll take the Buccaneers just because they are at home.

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San Diego Chargers at New York Jets

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When the schedule came out last April, there were many who believed that this one would have huge playoff implications. Not so much. It’s so bad; it got moved from the Sunday night game to a day game. I don’t want to pick either one of these teams but give me the Jets. The Chargers are terrible when they travel east for an early game.

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Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs

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If I had told you in September that this game would feature one team that could clinch a playoff spot with a win; you probably would have said it was the Chiefs. No, it’s the Colts you can wrap up a wildcard spot with a win over the pathetic team from Kansas City. Might be tight for a bit but the Colts get the win they need.

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Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles

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In another game where roles are reversed from what was predicted, the Washington Redskins look to remain hot versus a bad Philadelphia Eagles team. The Redskins are playing great and the Eagles quit last week versus the Bengals; the Skins keep rolling.

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Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins

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The Buffalo Bills travel south to take on the Miami Dolphins; does anyone care? The Dolphins are playing decent football and the Bills are terrible. Give me the Dolphins.

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Oakland Raiders at Carolina Panthers

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The problem with late season football is you get a lot of these games between two bad teams. That being said, the Carolina Panthers are bad but the Oakland Raiders are worse. The Raiders are also traveling and playing early, the Panthers win in a rout.

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New England Patriots at Jacksonville Jaguars

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The New England Patriots lost a game that had to have last weekend and now someone has to pay. The Jacksonville Jaguars are in the wrong spot at the wrong time. The Patriots score 50+ again and take out some frustration on a hapless Jaguar team.

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Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers

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Finally a game with major playoff implications as both the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers desperately need this one. The Bengals are playing better and the Steelers are struggling, but I cannot make myself take the Bengals in this spot. These are the games that the Steelers win and the Bengals lose; Pittsburgh in a tight, low scoring game.

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Minnesota Vikings at Houston Texans

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Surprisingly this game has meaning for both the Houston Texans and Minnesota Vikings. The Texans need one more win to clinch home-field and the Vikings need two wins to get in. It’s been a great story with the Vikings but they are not ready to beat a team like the Texans.

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Tennessee Titans at Green Bay Packers

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The Green Bay Packers are still fighting for that first round bye and the Tennessee Titans will prove to be no match. The Packers can name the score on Sunday and it won’t be pretty.

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New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys are making one last run at the playoffs and the New Orleans Saints are playing to get to the golf course. Having said that, the Saints will make this interesting but the Cowboys get the win and set up a huge game with the Redskins in the final week.

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Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos

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Everyone keeps talking about a “trap” game for the Denver Broncos but it hasn’t happened yet, and it won’t happen on Sunday. The Broncos finally have what they want; a clear path to a bye week and the second seed. There’s no way they give it all back with a loss to the Cleveland Browns. The Broncos win again by double-digits.

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Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals

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The Chicago Bears were 7-1 and rolling, and now may not make the playoffs. They have to win their final two games and hope, but there’s a problem. Jay Cutler is not a clutch quarterback and the Bears are fading. In the surprise of the weekend, the Arizona Cardinals deal the Bears a devastating loss.

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New York Giants at Baltimore Ravens

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The New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens are stumbling down the stretch, and the Giants might miss the playoffs. The Ravens are all ready in but they are beat up and not playing well at all. Seriously, I just flipped a coin and it came up Ravens.

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San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

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The best game of the day takes place on Sunday night when the Seattle Seahawks take on the San Francisco 49ers. The Seahawks are playing great and the Niners just beat the Patriots. The 49ers will still win the division but the Seahawks get them on Sunday. Regardless of the outcome, this one should be very entertaining.

Some things might clear up on Sunday or we might have to wait until week 17 to see who’s in and who’s out. Either way, it will be fun.

Last week’s record: 10-6 Overall record-76-29-1

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