NFL Rumors: New York Jets Stuck with Mark Sanchez?

By Christopher Gamble


Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL rumors are starting to spin at full speed as the New York Jets will have to decide the future of their quarterback position.

Mark Sanchez is guaranteed his entire salary next year which means the Jets likely won’t cut him. Trade is the only realistic option but who would take the chance on Sanchez after his last two seasons at the cost of $8.25 million as well as any player or draft pick the team acquiring him must surrender. That is a pretty steep price for mediocrity.

The rumors aren’t stopping with just Sanchez either. Tim Tebow reportedly wants out, and apparently the Jets will oblige. Tebow is signed through 2014. However, the market for Tebow is sure to be greater than that for Sanchez.

Right now, the list of teams wanting a quarterback is short. The Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs are the teams most in need of a quarterback. However, there figures to be several veteran options to choose from including Alex Smith, Michael Vick, and the Seattle Seahawks might make Matt Flynn available. The Jacksonville Jaguars might be in the market for a new quarterback but Chad Henne might be a better option than Sanchez, and cheaper too.

All of those three are better than Sanchez. I don’t see a team willing to take on Sanchez as an $8.25 million backup. I sincerely doubt he is viewed as starting material anywhere in the NFL right now. Why invest $8.25 million in a quarterback when the NFL Draft might yield better results.

Maybe Sanchez agrees to restructure his contract. Then again, why would he?

The rest of the NFL knows the Jets will have two quarterbacks and the market looks to have several quarterbacks with greater potential or ability than Sanchez.

Then of course, there is interesting case of who the Jets general manager will be next year and who he sees as franchise quarterback material. There always is the chance that Mike Tannenbaum and Sanchez come back for one more season or that whomever the Jets hire sees Sanchez as his quarterback.  Sorry Jets fans, but there is a chance.

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