NFL Rumors: New York Jets to Explore Their Quarterback Options

By Scott DelleFave
Tim Tebow
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a lot of chatter today about the New York Jets and its quarterback position and how it’s going to move forward. Playing quarterback is the single most vital position and the Jets look like a motor boat without an engine.

Tim Tebow according to sources is going to get cut at the end of the year. I think they brought him in to sell tickets and jerseys, but they didn’t care about winning as they never made him the starter for a single game. If they do in fact cut him, I think he will go down to his hometown area and sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars and have an open competition between himself and what would be third-year quarterback Blaine Gabbert and current starting quarterback (due to injury) Chad Henne.

Mark Sanchez
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Now onto Mark Sanchez. After another five turnover game, but this time on Monday Night Football, he has been benched possibly for good and understandably so. There are rumors that the Jets are going to try to broker a trade in the off-season, however with an $8.25 million guaranteed 2013 season, that’s a bitter pill to swallow for any team, including the Jets.

Greg McElroy
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Finally onto current starter, Greg McElroy. He did lead the Jets to victory after Sanchez was benched playing an Arizona Cardinals team that was in free fall to say the least. I think this week playing the San Diego Chargers McElroy will have a decent day, but nothing stellar since his offense has been nearly wiped off the map. As for his future in New York; who knows, they might just clean house and start brand new by drafting a quarterback and signing a cheap veteran.

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