Sean Payton Should Be Looking Elsewhere In 2013

By Andy Schmidt
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2012 NFL season winds down, there is a storyline that bears watching in what happens with the New Orleans Saints and Sean Payton. I’m not sure that Payton will return to New Orleans next season depending on what happens with his contract and the language in it. It would be a shame though if Payton were to leave town.

The whole bounty scandal has put a black mark on what Payton has done for the Saints and even slightly tarnishes the team’s Super Bowl win. Were there bounties out during that playoff run? It is quite possible that happened which led to injuries on the other team. We may never know the full extent of what was going on or what Payton knew of all of it. I know the Saints will want him back but would Payton consider an opportunity with two teams that surely could be looking for a coach next year?

I wouldn’t be shocked at all if Payton looks very closely at the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears if those jobs open up. The Bears job is the one that Payton would most likely have the chance at since the Cowboys may not fire Jason Garrett if Dallas makes the playoffs. Chicago though is surely going to be looking to replace Lovie Smith if the team misses the playoffs. Payton would have his work cut out for him but would have a talented team to work with. It is definitely worth a look if Payton wants maximum value for his services.

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