Victor Cruz Putting Football Aside For Sandy Hook

By Andrew Lecointe
Anthony Gruppuso — US Presswire

As the entire country was hearing the news by the minute of what was occurring in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, the New York Giants were going through a regular day of practice in preparation for their match-up against the Atlanta Falcons.

Newton, CT is just an hour away from New York City and is part of the New York, Northern New Jersey and Southern Connecticut tri-state area, so the massacre that occurred Friday morning sent chills through a lot of people in the tri-state region, as well as the rest of Connecticut and the New England region.

WR Victor Cruz was like many of the players, simply gathering information as it came on television. They were most likely disheartened at the turn of events that left 26 people dead, which included many elementary school kids. Many of the players have kids that are the ages of the victims, so it probably was hard watching just like every other parent in the country.

Cruz found out through Twitter that one of the victims, Jack Pinto, was a big fan of the Giants and Cruz particularly. Cruz immediately knew the least he could do was pay tribute to Pinto in their game against the Falcons. Cruz wrote Pinto’s name on his sneakers for the game.

Cruz, however, decided not to end there. Cruz drove up to Newton, CT with his fiancee and their daughter to meet with the Pinto family and offer their condolences. Cruz ended up playing Madden with Jack’s older brother and signed memorabilia for the family.

Many people commend Cruz for doing so, especially without being told to do so. However, it was the least he could do. Many of these kids look up to professional athletes and it brings a sense of joy when they get to meet one. For the Pinto family, knowing that Cruz cared about Jack and the fact he was a Giants fan was most likely refreshing.

It’s something all athletes should do. During the middle of a season, athletes usually don’t get much time off for themselves. However, they still find time to hit up the clubs and enjoy their social life, which they should do. If you have a little time in your day though, you should look to brighten up someone else’s day with your presence without anyone telling you to do so.

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