Chris Johnson didn't just write the Sandy Hook victims' names on his cleats

By Stephanie Umek
Chris Johnson Sandy Hook
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

By now everyone in America knows the news of the horrible incident that happened in Connecticut last week. No one can fix what happened in that elementary school that morning, but many people are trying to do their part to help heal the hearts for the families that were affected.

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson is doing everything he can to make sure those families know that they are being thought of. Last Monday during the game against the New York Jets there was a moment of silence prior to the game to remember the children lost. Johnson hand wrote every victim’s name on his cleats in remembrance.

This week he made a personal phone call to the family of Grace McDonnell and sent them gifts. Johnson knows what it feels like to lose someone and wanted to make sure that he did what he could to help ease the pain a bit.

“I lost my grandmother earlier in this year and just knowing how that feels I just kind of wanted to do something to at least try to lift his spirits.” Johnson now has twins of his own and he can’t fathom the thought of losing them.

With his career back on track and playing well for the Titans it made it even better that those cleats helped Johnson with a franchise-record 94 yard touchdown run against the Jets. Coincidence- I don’t know but I’m loving it.

It just goes to show to the blind fan that even the toughest of athletes have a humble soft side of them. For something of this severity Johnson has the right idea. This week the Tennessee Titans also held a holiday party where many children were able to get autographs, meet and spend time with some of the Titans biggest players.

Johnson was in attendance for this even also; he sure did make Santa’s good list this year-and it had nothing to do with catching a football.

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