Cleveland Browns: The Formula To Defeating The Denver Broncos

By Ryan Ruiz
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Playing with only pride on the line, the Cleveland Browns face the Denver Broncos on the road this Sunday. After a horrible game in front of the home crowd, the Browns look to bounce back to their winning ways. Here’s what it will take to do just that.

It’s no secret that the Broncos have one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL in Peyton Manning. So, therefore I am not going to state the obvious. However, I am going to put one magic number on this area. Three. Manning must not three or more touchdown passes. In order to keep this game within striking distance, the Browns must get back to playing the bend but don’t break defense against Manning. The Browns can get away by giving up just two or less TD passes through the air. Be prepared for Manning’s long snap counts and audibles.

Protect the football. On all facets of the offense, the Browns can not afford to let the Broncos take the ball away from them. This is the same as shooting themselves in the foot with penalties. This game is going to be hard enough. Although, it’s cliche, the orange helmets have to play mistake free football against the Broncos.

With all that said, go get 100 yards or more Trent Richardson! Enough is enough, find a way to get four or more yards a carry. This starts with the blocking upfront. The Broncos defense is tough, but they are breakable. Cleveland needs to get one to two long runs of fifteen or more yards. Draws and tosses would be ideal for this to happen.

Cleveland has to find away to shorten the game. The Browns must play keep away from Manning. This can be done by sustaining long, clock eating drives. As a result of long drives, any kind of points scored are a must. I don’t care if it’s seven Phil Dawson field goals. Long drives are a necessity to staying in this game.

The Cleveland defense must find two turnovers in the game that result in points scored. The Browns have done a nice job in that department since the bye week. It has to continue.

Who cares about the Broncos’ record. They are are human and will make mistakes. Do not be intimidated by their fans or their team. The Broncos are not intimidated by the Browns, so why should the Browns be intimidated by them?

Pat Shurmur has done multiple things that have made us scratch our heads this year. For one game, please don’t make us scratch our heads. Last week against the Washington Redskins, Mike Shanahan simply out coached Shurmur. Find a way to buckle down and out coach John Fox. It can be done but you must have the players focused and ready.

A month ago, I predicted the Browns would not win this game. I will stay with this prediction, but if the Browns follow my formula, this will be a close game. See you Sunday.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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