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If Denver Broncos Didn’t Sign Peyton Manning, Where Would They Be With Brandon Weeden?

David Richard – US Presswire

The Denver Broncos were able to land arguably the greatest QB of all time in the off-season via free agency, and then drafted a young rookie QB in Brock Osweiler to learn from Peyton Manning for the next few seasons. Reports have now surfaced that if the Broncos hadn’t landed Manning that they would have pursued Cleveland Browns 29-year-old rookie QB Brandon Weeden because they believed he was more NFL-ready than Osweiler.

If the Broncos had missed on Manning and drafted Weeden, what would the Broncos have achieved this season?

Weeden has done a decent job overall considering the young receiving corps he has to work with. The Browns are a team that needs to develop together and add a star receiver to help Weeden, but he has still done well with what he has. If Weeden was starting for the Broncos, he would be putting up above-average numbers and the Broncos would have still won their division because the AFC West is so weak.

With Weeden under center, there would not be talks of the Broncos being the best team in the AFC and their chances for a Super Bowl would be slim to none. Never would I say that Weeden would have been the better choice than Manning, but if it had come to that, the Broncos would have been better off with Weeden than Tim Tebow. The future would have been considerably better.

The Broncos host the Browns this week, so we’ll get a glimpse of what Weeden can do against a tough Denver defense.

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