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NFL Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders: Reggie McKenzie could save organization

McKenzie Kirby Lee

Kirby Lee- US Presswire

The Oakland Raiders have been the laughingstock of the NFL when it comes to team management, but the 2013 off-season has a chance to be a productive one for the Raiders if the right moves are made by General Manager Reggie McKenzie.

McKenzie will need to be the man pulling the strings this off-season, inheriting the power that has been controlled by the Davis family. Teams like the Dallas Cowboys, with owner Jerry Jones, who basically have a dictatorship over the general manager and coach as far as decisions.

There need to be less “ticket-selling” trades, and more signing good players who are cheap to acquire. It is time to not be afraid to trade their top five draft pick that they will have in 2013, and receive more picks in the later rounds.

A lot relies on McKenzie to be able to convince free agents to come to a team that is bad, which is something reporters don’t talk about, and is why teams like the Raiders have to overspend on all their best players. McKenzie can be the GM that can attract players in the off-season to play for the Raiders. They will not be able to be great overnight, the Raiders need to clear cap space by getting rid of basically the entire defensive line.

Also, they need to consider not only a quarterback change, but also getting rid of running back Darren McFadden. No matter what happens, it should be left to the decision of McKenzie and Dennis Allen (or whoever the head coach is in the off-season.