Sean Payton Not Attending Game With Dallas Cowboys Is All About A New Contract

By Ben Grimaldi


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There is news today that should calm the nerves of every New Orleans Saints fan, and maybe Jason Garrett as well, Sean Payton has not asked to attend the Saints game with the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. It has been rumored that Payton, who lives in the Dallas area, would try to attend the game.

The suspended coach must ask the NFL before to attending any game and the according to Ian Rapoport of, he hasn’t sought permission. Perhaps Payton is trying to keep from sparking any unwanted rumors about his coaching future by not attending the game.

Can anyone else hear the huge sigh of relief from the Saints fans? They have long been wary of the Payton to Dallas rumors since Payton was an assistant in Big D under Bill Parcells and he gets along extremely well with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Don’t kid yourself, that is very important for anyone who has thoughts of being the head coach of the Cowboys.

I’m not sure New Orleans fans had much to worry about in the first place since the Cowboys already have a coach in Garrett, who’s done a nice job this season as the head man in Dallas. The Cowboys have been hot recently and the only thing that’s cooled around the team are the rumors that Garrett might get fired.

However, in all the news about Payton’s attendance, I’m starting to wonder if this is a ploy in his contract negotiations with the Saints? By not going to the game Payton is showing allegiance to neither team and maybe it gives us some insight into his contract negotiations with New Orleans.

Think about it, with Garrett’s job looking safe right now, where is the leverage Payton needs to secure a better financial package from the Saints? No team will garner more attention than the Cowboys and when they were thought to be in on the Payton sweepstakes, you could feel the tension in New Orleans. Payton probably felt excitement over how much money the tug of war between Dallas and New Orleans would end up making him.

Of course this is all theoretical, but if there’s anything we all know, it’s always about the money.

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