The 10 worst coaches in the NFL

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The 10 worst coaches in the NFL

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This time of year there is debates about who should win coach of the year. But who has fun discussing success, talking about failure is so much better and much more intriguing.

When debating who the best of the best is, it’s like talking about whose Ferrari looks nicer. Either way you have a Ferrari, so it doesn’t matter if you win the award for nicest car. However, when you discuss who the worst coaches in the NFL are, people get defensive, so the conversation is a lot more interesting.

This slideshow will list the 10 worst head coaches in the league, looking equally at how the team has done in the past under the coach as well as the performance on the field this season. For first-year coaches improvement over the course of the season is paramount to staying off the list. There is a good mixture of new and old coaches on this list with the veterans having the slight edge.

There are many coaches who could have been on this list for various reasons. Some coaches are underperforming with good teams this year, but that doesn’t mean they are automatically on the list. There are also coaches whose teams are terrible, but that doesn’t mean they’re high on the list or on the list at all. There are some coaches that will probably be let go at the end of this season that won’t appear in this slideshow. When coming up with this list there were about five or six coaches who were locks to make the list. The other four or five spots are highly debatable, so if you disagree feel free to tweet at me @JoshWalfish with who you would put on this list.

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10. Mike Munchak

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The only reason Munchak is on this list is because the Tennessee Titans have been so inconsistent this season. There has been no consistent improvement in this team and after finishing 9-7 a year ago, this team could have been competing for a playoff spot this season. Munchak has shown he can coach in this league and next season will be a big test to see if he deserves to have a head coaching job in the future.

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9. Greg Schiano

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The coach with the biggest learning curve this season has done pretty well for himself with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It hasn’t been a great season, but there is hope for the future with all the young talent. The issue is the Buccaneers are ending the season by losing momentum, having lost their last four games entering this weekend.

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8. Romeo Crennel

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If the Kansas City Chiefs had any talent, Crennel would not be on this list. It’s tough to overlook a 2-12 season in which the Chiefs have not been competitive, but then again Kansas City was so overmatched. Crennel has done all he could with the talent he has and it became clear this season the Chiefs need a new quarterback. Give him two years and then we’ll see where the Chiefs stand.

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7. Mike Mularkey

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No team has been worse this season than the Jacksonville Jaguars, but not all of that can be blamed on Mularkey. The team has very little talent and is overmatched in many contests, but the lack of competitiveness places Mularkey on this list. It’s one thing to lose games, it’s another thing to be dominated week in and week out. The Jaguars turned winnable games into blowout losses and the team has only gotten worse as the season has progressed.

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6. Jim Schwartz

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Was last season a fluke in Detroit? A year after making the playoffs with an explosive offense, the Detroit Lions have been terrible in 2012 under Schwartz. Last season Matthew Stafford stayed healthy, which everyone assumed was the reason for the success, but the quarterback has been healthy all this season with vastly different results. Schwartz has not instilled the sense of discipline in his team that many people had hoped and he is simply being outcoached in many games. There is no reason for him to be on the hot seat, but he has certainly left a lot of questions unanswered.

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5. Rex Ryan

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After getting to the AFC Championship Game in his first two season, the New York Jets have fizzled under Ryan. This season has been a nightmare in the Meadowlands with the team facing a quarterback controversy and its most famous fan making headlines for the wrong reason. Ryan completely misused Tim Tebow in the offense which helped to perpetuate the issues for the Jets. There is no reason to make a coaching change in New York, but Ryan should be put on alert after this season.

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4. Dennis Allen

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This has not been a good first season for Allen in the Bay Area. The Oakland Raiders have been inconsistent at best and nothing has come together for the Silver and Black. Allen has had to deal with personnel problems in Oakland and it has been a lot harder for him to install his system. There is hope for the Raiders, but based on 14 games Allen deserves to be on this list.

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3. Ken Whisenhunt

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The most success Whisenhunt ever had with the Arizona Cardinals was when he had a future Hall of Famer under center. After Kurt Warner retired, the Cardinals have been horrendous and the quarterback carousel has been an embarrassment. Arizona started the season 4-0, but has gone 1-9 since then. At this point the Cardinals need to start over from scratch which means letting go of the coach.

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2. Chan Gailey

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The Buffalo Bills are a mess this season and that must fall on the coach. The defense has the talent to be among the top-10, but it has been a joke this season. The offensive revival Gailey was supposed to lead was more confusing than revitalizing. He mismanaged all the talent Buffalo worked hard to lure in and there is no reason for Gailey to come back for season four.

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1. Norv Turner

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What can be said about Turner that isn't already known. He has constantly underperformed at the helm of the San Diego Chargers and this season has been a disaster. The Chargers should have been contending for a division title, instead they could not win the close games resulting in a losing season. Turner wasted so much talent that he probably shouldn’t return for a seventh season.