Why You Should Be Interested In The Green Bay Packers vs. Tennesee Titans

By AJEnno
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With a playoff spot clinched it seems like the Green Bay Packers have little to play for against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. There isn’t a lot of hype for this match up, but then again there shouldn’t be, it’s one of the weeks biggest miss matches. However, the Packers have a lot left to play for.

With some help and winning in the last two games,  the Packers can become the number 2 seed in the playoffs. All they would need this week is the Seattle Seahawks to beat the San Francisco 49ers. These are big implications for a Packers team who at one point could barely see themselves vying for a wild-card berth. This makes the match up with the Titans that much more interesting.

Another reason to watch is to see how the Packers run game continues to blossom. Will they be able to keep their recent run success going? I think so, and this is a week where you can look for that first 100 yard rusher since December, 10th 2010. I predict that Ryan Grant goes over 100 yards on the ground.

It will also be interesting to watch how the Packers offensive line holds up this week. They’ve been thin during practice all week at offensive line with minor injuries. Veteran center Jeff Saturday was benched in favor of 3rd year pro Evan Dietrich-Smith. I think this could be the best game the offensive line could have. It’s all about creating momentum and protecting Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers could also have his best game of the season on Sunday.

The last thing I feel makes this match up interesting is the play calling. Will coach Mike McCarthy install any trick plays this week? He’s been throwing in subtle trick plays on special teams all season, but will he try some new plays against a weaker opponent? I think we could see WR Randall Cobb try some passes or some double reverses.This is the week to try everything and get the kinks out before the playoffs start.

Die-hard Packer fans watch the game no matter what, but I figured I’d give you some more reasons if you had other plans on Sunday.

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