15 Worst NFL Commentators

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15 Worst NFL Commentators

15 Worst NFL Commentators
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Without question the NFL is my favorite professional sport to watch, however there are some commentators that make it unwatchable for a whole litany of reasons. It’s almost not a coincidence that most of them are former players that are on my list of least favorite NFL commentators for one reason or another.

They are so bad in my eyes (and ears) that I either change the channel or if I have no choice, I’ll often mute the game and do my own play by play. If it’s a prime time game and I have little to no vested interest personal or professional, I simply will do a sacrilege thing and not watch it either by turning something else on or just turning the TV off and walking away. I also didn't play favorites, I simply went in alphabetical order as I don't like these guys equally.

These commentators talk either way above your head and only a football expert would get what the heck they are saying. Yet in a sharp contrast, some dumb down the product so much that I feel dumber actually listening to what they have to say.

Every network has at least one commentator that is guilty of this either the person is in the booth calling the game or in the network studio as part of the roundtable of talking heads before, during, and after the Sunday afternoon network of games. If I left someone out, get a hold of me and we can discuss it.

Thanks for reading! If you want to discuss anything sports related, I’m on twitter @TheProfessorSD, Google+, and Facebook. Have a great day!

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#20 Dan Dierdorf

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Dierdorf has made a career out of creating new words, saying really obvious things that everyone already knows and acting like a total dork on camera. "Dan Dierdork," anyone?

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#19 John Lynch

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There's nothing worse than a former player who compares every play to one that involved him from 15 years ago.

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#18 Phil Simms

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Simms is a decent football mind when it comes to broadcasting, but he contradicts himself so often that it's hard to comprehend what he's saying most of the time.

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#17 Rich Gannon

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A truckload of cliches every single Sunday equals bad announcing.

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#16 Tim Ryan

Flickr Creative Commons

This dude is always way more worried about how he looks than what's coming out of his mouth.

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#15 Solomon Wilcots

#15 Solomon Wilcots
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Like Jon Gruden, I like Solomon Wilcots, however he talks far too much. Sometimes the best thing said during a key moment in a game is nothing.

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#14 Joe Theismann

#14 Joe Theismann
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I thought I was safe after ESPN took Joe Theismann off of their coverage, that was just wishful thinking as the NFL Network hired him and he's as bad in the studio as he was in the booth.

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#13 Phil Simms

#13 Phil Simms
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Simms just comes off Elitist, like he's better than everyone. Yes I know you won two Super Bowls, however the second one versus the Buffalo Bills, you didn't even play in and I don't think you could have beat them in 1990. I think if he came off his horse once and a while he'd be liked more by fans and players alike and that's why he's held in the same regard as Cris Collinsworth.

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#12 Warren Sapp

#12 Warren Sapp
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I loved Warren Sapp as a player, however as a commentator he was one of the worst of the worst of all-time. It seems like if it doesn't involve a defensive lineman he doesn't seem to care. Also similar to Michael Irvin, he's had numerous controversial moments tied to him, so I'm shocked networks give him a chance.

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#11 Matt Millen

#11 Matt Millen
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Millen was a semi decent pro football player for three different teams, won four Super Bowl rings became a commentator for FOX Sports was pretty dreadful at that. So much so that the Detroit Lions made him General Manager for some unknown reason other then he applied to the job. I don't see what anyone likes about this guy.

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#10 Mike Mayock

#10 Mike Mayock
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I really do love Mike Mayock's NFL Draft analysis, however his booth work is much to be desired. I honestly don't know if it's how he talks or what but it just isn't good.

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#9 Michael Irvin

#9 Michael Irvin
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Irvin just comes across as not smart on TV and also it seems like he can't separate having a one on one conversation in person and when he's a commentator. Additionally, he is no stranger to controversies as he's been let go from ESPN twice.

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#8 Jon Gruden

#8 Jon Gruden
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I personally like Jon Gruden as a commentator and as a coach, however to the average listener he talks so far above them with various football lingo that people are often left with their heads scratched. I can only hope that he comes back to coaching sooner than later.

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#7 Marshall Faulk

#7 Marshall Faulk
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Marshall Faulk keeps poor eye contact when interviewing players. Also when he's in NFL Network studios, he looks like he's staring right at the teleprompter, it just comes off as bad television.

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#6 Dan Fouts

#6 Dan Fouts
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Fouts is very similar to Cris Collinsworth, just blurts out non-sense a lot of the time and it just kills the whole broadcast.

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#5 Randy Cross

#5 Randy Cross
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Randy Cross is notorious for burying team over another especially whenever the Buffalo Bills play the New England Patriots, it's just plain brutal. At least Don Criqui provides a balance to him and keeps him inline.

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#4 Cris Collinsworth

#4 Cris Collinsworth
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Cris Collinsworth is often voted the worst commentator in the NFL even by players, that's never a good sign if the players don't even like him. I think it's because he interjects many comments that seem not relevant or just plain dumb.

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#3 Joe Buck

#3 Joe Buck
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Buck has no personality at all, even when it's a monumental play, for example in Super Bowl 42, when David Tyree caught the ball with the aid of his helmet and is considered one of the greatest catches in history, Buck treated it like it was a routine catch.

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#2 Troy Aikman

#2 Troy Aikman
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Troy Aikman was an excellent quarterback when he was playing, however that hasn't translated into being a good commentator, he seems monotonous. He also seems a little punchy, Steve Young has had the same concussion history as Troy and yet he is a very good commentator.

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#1 Marv Albert

#1 Marv Albert
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Marv Albert has such an emotionless commentary about him during live games, which is odd since I actually like him covering the NBA, go figure. He is far from "Iconic" as James Brown calls him.

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  • paul wooten

    You might as well list ALL of them. To a man, they are all so full of themselves you would think that THEY believe that THEY are why you watch football, not the games.

  • yonse2

    Yeah, lot of guts there in Simms, lot of character. Had his son lie to get out of some DUI rap, to protect the “career”. Not Andy and Opie exactly.

  • The Man

    Phil Simms?!? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!? Phil Simms is the best NFL commentator out there. He’s just stuck with a piece of shit in Jim Nantz. He SHOULD be paired with Greg Gumble again.

    • Cheeba James

      Phil Simms is horrible man. That’s one he’s got right.

      • The Man

        With a name like “Cheeba” I can only reply one way to that idiocy “I WANT WHAT YOU’RE SMOKIN!”

    • SWFLORIDA1106

      I think Simms is great…Nantz belongs over there kissing rear ends covering boring golf,as he’s so boring…

  • chiefbailey

    OK, you have had your gripe. Now, just go away.

  • cablegirls

    “Once and a while”? What the hell kind of writing is that?

  • bern1417

    WTF is this? lol you disliked almost 1/2 of the guys who cover the NFL,lol. You dislike Gruden who has vast knowledge about the game, but left Turico off? Turico kills Monday night Football. Simms is very informative and paired with Nantz or Gumbell make a good team. In fact those teams might be the best to do NFL games. Everyone who covers for the NFL Network could retire tomorrow and I could careless, bc ESPN does a good enough job covering it, and I only watch NFL Network when there is a Thursday night game. Aikman is soooo boring watching paint dry is almost a welcome when I watch the Fox game. Buck on the other hand has grown on me in the last 15 yrs. I hated that guy when I was watching playoff baseball games, and when I turned on a NFL game that he was announcing I was extremely annoyed. However, over the last 7 yrs or so he’s made a turn around in my eyes and I don’t mind him doing a game. His color guy can leave though. As for Sapp,Faulk, and Collinsworth they SUCK!!! I’m just waiting for the murderer Ray Lewis to get his shot and I’ll be joining you with the mute button..

  • jeandeux

    Marv is the voice of the Eastern Conference battles….Jordan-Bulls, Reggie- Pacers, Bird – Celtics

  • Wayne

    Steve Young should be number 1 he just rambles on and make no sense and overtalks people all the time
    Joe Buck hates east coast teams. Fox with aikman and buck has their number one team is awful
    Marv albert is great
    and the author of this is worse because the person knows nothing

    • Jessie James

      Joe buck is awful, but hey america isn’t just NY and Boston. I get tired of ESPN’s bias towards NY.

    • bill link

      wayne, you are correct about steve young. This dude runs his mouth constantly about nothing, attempting to showcase how smart he is, but the only thing he showcases is how stupid he is. Young thinks because he pass the bar examine means he is smart. Hell, I know a guy who pass the bar examine, and he is dumb as hell…

  • http://www.facebook.com/pitt.lord.75 Pitt Lord

    Chris Collinsworth should be on every single slide. He is that !@#!@$ obnoxious. I have never met a single person who said anything even remotely positive about this guy.

    Here’s an average Collinsworth “interjection” —

    “there’s no question….blah ba blah ba blah….herrherrrherer”

    • wilson hungryhorse

      I believe Mr Collinsworth to be a true student of the game and a Gentleman !

      • Clint

        Hahahahahahaha he’s a fucking dipshit and true nut licker!

        • wilson hungryhorse

          You just described Dam Dieadorph,and Dan patrick.

      • slickwillieisaliar

        Only thing wrong about Chris he’s married to a lawyuh AND he then went on to become a lawyuh himself. YUK!

      • sensible49

        Chris Collinsworth is, as you said, a Gentleman—–who is paired with a know-it-all, loud-mouth, in-your-face, obnoxious Al Michaels, who I’d just like to “paste” in his mouth (a.k.a. smack him). I strongly like Chris’ commentary. It’s calm, cool & accurate. He’s played the game, too, and Al M. has NOT. I’m not happy to find out that Chris & his wife are both “lawyuhs”, according to the comment (below) by “slickwillieisaliar”. Nobody is perfect, but, some of these commentators could take a lesson from Jim Nantz of CBS. Unfortunately, they’re pairing him with the dumber than a box of rocks, Phil Simms, for 8 of the 16 Thur. night NFL games. Hopefully, Jim’s classy style will overshadow Phil’s dumb-da-dumb-dumb comments. Simms is truly illiterate, and came up short in the brains dept..

        • wilson hungryhorse

          Your “ASS”ments of Simms are right on.

    • Quentin Raffensberg

      Gruden is annoying, he loves everyone, come on john criticize, thats part of your job. I agree, I liked him in the beginning.

      • disqus_bkY3pNZWaR

        His job is to analyze, not criticize. And that’s how he does it. (p.s no I don’t particularly prefer Gruden to anyone else, and no I never liked the Bucs)

      • JayJay

        Too many I’s and me’s in his dialogue.

    • spuddog

      Well Pitt Lord, we’ve never met, but I like Chris Collinsworth’s announcing. There, now you’ve “met” a person who said something positive about C.C.

    • jbinsb

      You nailed it.

  • refryguy

    How is it possible that Tony Kornheiser is not on this list. he is hands down the absolute WORST in history no matter which sport. Glad we only had to put up with him 1 season of MNF, I hated having to turn TV volume down and listen to the radio broadcast while watching the game.

    • slickwillieisaliar

      AND the WORST looking person ever to BE on T.V. He should NEVER be let out of his home! AND a FAR lefty to boot!

  • Bananaville

    Can’t stand Chiris Collinsworth. Never, ever shuts up, even to take a freakin breath. And I’d like to punch him everytime he says “brilliant” play. Saying that, Ronde Barber did the Panthers game last week. OMG! He said Steve Smith had 11000 yards, I mean 1100 yards, “LAST WEEK” and never corrected it. That was his best comment of the day, all went downhilll after there. Just cannot speak the English language, must not be his native tongue. F’ugh!

  • robert roesler

    Collinsworth would be my no.1 worst. I can’t stand listening to him. He gets to me like Cosell did years ago.

  • Dan TheMan

    First of all, the writer’s writing skills are so fucking atrocious that I developed a headache while trying to read this crybaby drivel.

    Second, most of the people you named are INCREDIBLY knowledgeable about football and a lot of serious football fans don’t want the commentators to spoon-feed the game to them.

    Third, you seem unable to decide whether you hate them because they use terminology too far above your head or too far below it. If you want to criticize someone for dumbing down the commentary, how about John Madden for drawing lines on the telestrator and saying “this guy comes here and when he gets to this guy… BOOM!” Personally, I miss John Madden being in the booth because he made the games fun and simple and added some much needed humor to the booth, but according to your criteria that bounces all over the place, Madden would be one of the worst.

    Also, wanted to say that I don’t personally recall Warren Sapp ever being a commentator (doesn’t mean that he wasn’t, just that I didn’t personally witness it), but I do know that I can’t stand him in his role of ignorant loudmouth on NFL Network’s news shows. I’m sick of him talking over people, shouting, raising his voice to try to make his point, and repeating things four or five times. Michael Irvin irritates the crap out of me most of the time as well.

    By the way, nice way to sneak all the way up to actually criticizing someone because of a disability without actually doing it. Yes, Mike Mayock has a speech impediment, just like Lou Holtz. Somehow, I am able to look beyond that and just appreciate the fact that he’s a very intelligent guy that knows an awful lot about the sport.

    Also, Jon Gruden talks the way he does because he absolutely loves the sport. His whole life is about the sport of football. Sure, he overstates things occasionally, and sometimes he talks in terms of playcalling signals that don’t mean much to anyone but players and coaches, but the guy absolutely loves the game. It’s been said that when he was coaching, he would come into his office at around 3 or 4 am and work for several hours before anyone else got there, and would be the last one to leave as well. I think I can forgive him for sometimes using playcaling signals and getting a bit excited.

    Another thing to add – it might be important when creating a list like this to understand the differences between a commentator, a color commentator, and an analyst. Commentators generally tell you what is happening or has happened and are often very dry and factual in their delivery (one of the things that you, the author seem to hate). Color commentators are the guys that fill in the details behind the scenes, as well as add a bit of drama/humor to the straight commentator’s comments. Analysts are the guys that most often talk in terms of Xs and Os and routes and coverages and blitzes, etc. Think of Al Michaels and John Madden when they were working together: Michaels was mostly the straight commentator who would sometimes veer off into color commentary in his discussion with Madden; Madden was mostly a color commentator with a heavy dose of analyst. Same for Tirico and Gruden. Tirico is the straight commentator and Gruden is the color commentator/analyst. So, if you’re going to criticize these people for their job performance, at least understand what their job responsibilities are. And, at the very least, if you are going to criticize someone for their job, try to be somewhat competent at your own (assuming this is your job).

    • Rick Eger

      same here…

    • JaxFalconDogs Fan

      Agree with the above. Plus, I think Collinsworth is insightful and entertaining (which is difficult for me, a UGA fan, to admit about a former Florida Gator player.)

      • jnaab1437@gmail.com

        Huh? Collinsworth is a combination of clueless and obvious. Plus I hate his voice. The whiney drone. Awful commentator

    • Guest

      I agree that SOME of these guys should not be one there, but most them are irritating, cocky, inflated egos, been there to long, and don’t have the skills for TV.

      • bobby bobby

        what do you have against cocky people? down to earth people are so boring.

    • bobby bobby

      a lot of people consider madden a bad announcer but I don’t know football just isn’t the same without him

  • King0fSting

    Collinsworth gets too stoned…. Some people become introspective and witty after a couple of tokes, he falls apart. If anyone remembers him on the NFL show on HBO can attest. I used to zoom in on his eyes and I was like, wow, he’s so baked.

    • Clint

      That ain’t pot, he is just completely fucking brain dead

  • choomster

    Troy Aikman? LOL wow, the writer of this article must be a stoner. Jeez.

  • zz28

    Joe Kluck? How the heck did this guy EVER end up as a commentator – never mind during a Superbowl? This guy has gaffed on so many occasions his superiors should have been fined for clipping – if they had done their jobs and given him the ax.


  • Steve Stevenson

    Gruden has slightly improved this year, but in previous seasons he over-stressed every sentence, like he was speaking in italics. An annoying habit no matter how brilliant a football intellect he may be.

  • rookgaroo

    Cut Joe Theismann some slack. His prostate has been giving him fits.

    • rulegal

      LOL. I’d keep an eye on him, he knows where all the restrooms are!!! Valuable info when you are in need!

  • Cheryl Davies

    I wish the networks would get these guys to turn the volume down. Screaming at me is not going to enlighten me. I miss Dandy Don and John Madden terribly. They entertain and teach. I don’t mind Aikman. The rest; I turn down the sound so I can’t hear them.

    • Suzanne Castillo Devlin

      “Turn off the lights…..the party’s over.”
      Loved Don Meredith and I was really sad when I read he had died in his home in Santa Fe.
      Back in the late 80′s I met Joe Theisman and Terry Brashshaw at a hotel in Newport Beach, Calif. in two different consecutive years while working on a charity event. They were in Anaheim doing a Rams’ game and when I recognized them both, they were so nice. I think they were surprised that a woman recognized them. They actually took the time to talk with me.
      Don’t like Brett Musberger and Lou Holtz…any time…any where for anything. They annoy the hell out of me. Holtz speaks like he has a mouth full of mush.

  • Bill

    I feel like I wrote this article! I have always love the excitement of watching football and don’t like to watch basketball or baseball that much. Maybe if each baseball or basketball team played only one game a week I would like it better. I would likely watch it the way I watch football–on mute. Vince Sculley is the only announcer that can take a boring game interesting and exciting.

  • Robert Fegley

    Is English this writer’s first language? The copy reads like something run through Google Translate.

    • Derangedcowbrain

      I counted 8 comma splices and a double run-on (it should have been 3 sentences), and at least 1 grammar mistake in addition to just poor writing. No editors here?

      • David Brands

        Editors? Editors? We don’t need not stinkin’ editors! This is the internet, man. Anything goes. (And usually does!) ;-)

        • jbinsb


      • gene offenberger

        he has phil simms on there twice also

  • Rick Eger

    I turn down the sound on the T.V. and listen too the local broadcastors on the radio….have been doing it since I was a kid..

    • Jessie James

      Can’t do that. Bob Papa is just plain awful.

    • Lenny Szubinski

      Can’t do that anymore in the Buffalo, New York area! Now with the 1/2 minute broadcast delay, it puts the action on the television and the radio broadcasting out of synch! This was a bad idea by our local sports radio station to start this 10 years ago, because it took that option away from us! So now we’re stuck listening to the national blowhards calling the games!

  • Lewis Brazil

    No Mike Torico? Just cannot keep politics out of sports.

  • Boss_Hogg

    I’m throwing in Dick Stockton.

    I’ve had to suffer the last two weeks with that bumbling fool in the booth. “Robert Griffin Junior, Ron Heeelu and Brian Oracko.”

  • Moonfeet

    Any “worst commentator” list that doesn’t include Dan Dierdorf must be bogus. Dierdorf is the most boring, cliche’ using commentator in ALL of sports. He actually puts me to sleep.

    • jbinsb

      It does include him.

  • Sean

    How about Sterling Sharpe? I can’t understand half of what comes out of his mouth.

  • mannjohn

    Call me silly, but I like Chris Collinsworth. I watch Sunday Night Football because of his commentary. I remember him as a great receiver; he has walked the walk and has knowledge of the game and the plays that 99% of America will never have. He is a great analyst.

    • joyer29

      Chris is actually one of the better commentators. His comments usually are spot on and offer good insight to the game.

      • Fuming Riley

        I think the players don’t like Chris because he calls them out when they screw up. Unlike Gruden who’s never seen a player he didn’t think was the greatest at whatever position they play.

    • David Brands

      I agree. Collinsworth seems the most relaxed of all commentators and I like what he says. Scott Dellefave is a winer not a writer. With the exception of Albert, who does seem emotionless, the rest of the guys are not that bad. People knowmost of these guys are former players so they get extra leeway in light of their pro experience. And, let’s face it, it’s pretty easy to shoot down others from behind a computer screen in some cubbyhole in god-knows-where. For all we know Dellefave is writing from his bedroom at his mommy’s house. I hate pot-shot items like this one and wonder why I even read them.

      • ThomasNeidhart

        yeah, I agree. not all of these guys are that bad. seems like an awfully large list.

      • bobby bobby

        compared to joe buck no one is emotionless lol

        Collinsworth, I think people don’t like him because he’s almost too friendly . Always laughing and making comments that some people may find unnecessary. I like him but I also liked Madden another guy people seemed to have a problem with too.

    • johnsnare

      Totally agree. Collinsworth does not babble on like so many do. Gruden comes to mind. A non stop talker.

      • brbroberts

        I agree that Gruden does talk a lot, but he’s able to explain a lot of what’s going on in the coaches’ minds during the game and does very well breaking down the Xs and Os. Those that play and/or coach can learn a LOT from listening to him, he breaks down pretty technical concepts into language anyone who is interested can can understand.

        • Guest

          I rather hear Gruden speak than his cohost Trico. He reminds me a bit of John Madden.

          • bobby bobby

            how is being compared to john madden a bad thing? lol

    • Clint

      I don’t watch sunday night because of Collinsworthless, I quit buying Madden games when they put that moron on them.

      • bobby bobby

        what’s with the hate?

    • Albert Manfred

      And he gets a hard-on when he talks about the Cowgirls

  • Sage

    This is stupid.

  • Tony Silvio

    Such a garbage site. I have no clue why these sites crop up all over, trying so hard to look professional but also stir up controversy, yet they ‘employ’ these absolutely horrific writers who I sincerely doubt passed seventh-grade English. Your writing makes me cry. I’ve not found a single good or interesting article yet and I’m done looking.

  • dassa0069


  • wilson hungryhorse

    Dumbest commentators, has to go to Dan Dierdorf and he was also one of the dirtiest players with his crippling leg whips. also the irrelevance of Brent Mossberger and Coach Cower of the Steelers.

    • Jessie James

      Dan dierdorf must had a lot of money on the jets yesterday as his bias commentating was just god awful. I was hoping for the pats to win, just to spite him.

    • redemption

      Dan Dierdorf was a tough player in his time….and he’s paying for it now with his knees and hips and so forth. But he gets to where he annoys the living heck out of me by restating what is happening in the game, and jumping on a players band wagon. I mean I know when an offense has the opposing defense beat down in a game, dont have to spell it out for me.

    • jbinsb

      Dierdorf drives me nuts, especially when someone is seriously hurt. “Trust me, no one wants to see this.” Really, Dan. Really?

  • mb

    How is Dennis Miller not on this list? He ruined Monday Night Football for me.

    • Quentin Raffensberg

      Because that was 10 years ago.

    • David Brands

      Yes, and that’s why he hasn’t been on in ten years. Duh.

  • John Hillman

    Left out Bryant Gumbel who always thought that when a team punted they were turning the ball over on downs. NO IDIOT, you turn it over on downs when you try to gain 10 yards but fail.

  • SDAllan

    Totally disagree with this article…..Dierdorf is about the only guy that drives me nuts these days. Joe Theisman was next on the list. Collinsworth/Michaels is a class act, I always look forward to SNF and MNF as well. The Thursday NFL net. guys are kind of boring though.

  • Jessie James

    Well I like Aikman, can’t stand buck, brent mustaberger, gary danielson and the lady who does college football holy hell is she awful, if that lady is married I feel sorry for her husband.

    • JayJay

      Agreed on that lady, can’t watch the game if she calling it, just can’t.

  • Cheeba James

    Don’t agree with this list at all. As a Redskins fan I can say Aikman is a pretty good commentator and Gruden is one of the best!! If you dont understand the football lingo Gruden talks during the games than you aren’t a football fan. Cris Collingsworth is another good one.


    I can’t listen to Chris Collinsworth, or for that matter Troy Aikman, these are two of the worst. Mayock is also one, Millen other than a pretty good on field production sucks at everything off of it including broadcasting. Theismann and Simms kind of Border line, but the others you have on here, I think you got it totally wrong, Gruden has so much passion its worth the price of admission.


    Whoop’s forgot the worst one ever Dan Dierdorf I mean Deardork!

  • Quentin Raffensberg

    Nfl network guys are terrible – Mayock and the other guy…..they bite.

  • Doug

    “These commentators talk either way above your head and only a football expert would get what the heck they are saying. ” Ok Really complain that they actually know something about the game and are trying to teach the viewer the game. How is that a bad thing.

    I personally could live with the coaches view and some really in depth coaching/teaching/learning even during the game. I would love to see the techniques each player is trying to accomplish throughout the game in far greater detail.

  • disqus_bkY3pNZWaR

    This article blows. *drops mic*

  • http://www.irememberjfk.com Trappp

    Mussberger/Herbstreet (or however you spell it): possibly the worst pairing of two nincompoops ever. Two opinionated clods in love with their own voices and, invariably, one of the teams.

    • Buddy Rogers

      There has never been a worse “big game” guy than that obnoxious loud-mouthed shill Brent Musberger.
      He was an obnoxious loud-mouthed shill as the host of NFL Today in the 1970s and has never stopped being an annoying loud mouthed shill to this day.
      His only saving grace back in the 70s was that NFL Today was only a half hour long

      • http://www.irememberjfk.com Trappp

        Those were the days when CBS stood for Cowboy Broadcasting System. ;-)

  • Michael J. McCabe

    He’s done some strange things outside of broadcasting

  • devlin howard

    1.Chris collinsworth- no emotion and no inflection
    2. Warren Sapp- Over-rated even off the field. Can’t speak well, which is hard to believe because Shannon Sharpe has the biggest tongue on TV and articulates better.
    3 .Merrill Hodge- Warren is his mississippi
    4. Chris collinsworth- just had to make that point
    5. Jon Gruden Barely made playoffs ({2}Once with 9-7record) after 1st yr of inheriting a team. Really sloppy conversationalist. Pompous at times. Had a top 10 D of all time & had the other teams playbook. Winning ended immediately after. Might use all the “Lingo” to cover being an idiot.

  • Reno Raines

    i cant believe he didnt have that bumbling idiot shannon sharpe in there, you cant even understand what he says, he should be number one, you know boomer, cower, and marino are just thinking i wish he’d just STFU you can see it in their eyes.

  • john

    how come the opinionated p.c. jerk costas didn’t make the list

    • gene offenberger

      he’s probably got some kind of love affair with him

  • billy Chavante

    Chris Collinsworth-babble, babble, babble, gets really bad if a team is got a good lead. Every game he has “the best ever was player”

  • Lenny Szubinski

    What? Fat mouth “Fred Flintstone” BKA Dan Dierdorf didn’t make the list? You have got to be kidding me!

  • Lenny Szubinski

    Bob Costas The politically correct moron didn’t make the list either?

    • johnsnare

      Costas.? How do you spell,”BORING.?

      • pete75

        I agree 100 percent. Costas is not only boring, but like so many sports commentators, were only hired because they belong to the exclusive club that owns the media and many of the sports teams.

      • Ole Buck

        Not only is Costas boring, he is a left-wing twit.

  • Lenny Szubinski

    What about the pinhead Deion Sanders and the illiterate sounding Shanon Sharpe? Terrible!

  • John Brusseau

    I thoroughly enjoy most every commentator you listed. Dierdorf and Simms and collingsworth happen to be some of my all time favorites.

  • jcrouse22

    Speaking of bad sports commentators, let us not forget Charles Barkley. Yes, I know
    he doesn’t do the NFL, and lets thank God for that!

  • I’m Right

    Collinsworth is anti-American!

  • tfmustI

    After seeing this list we now know who the worst sports writer is.

  • hardplug

    Really Jon Gruden???? and many other.. I stop reading this article. This writer has got to be the worst ever on the planet. This is the stupidest article ever produced. This is garbage. Isn’t Scott DeveFave, or what ever his name work monitored? Fire the idiot! I will not ever read anything from thid guy

  • Alan Richards

    Can’t even understand a word that Shannon Not-so-Sharpe says, and Howie Long needs to get the stick out his a$$.


    I think Marv Albert is the best in the business…

  • Stupid Fkucing Dickslesic

    Chris Collingsworth is fabulous! Knowledgeable and not boring. Joe Buck, on the other hand, couldn’t call a 3yo’s birthday party. I’d like to thrash his smug face with his own tongue. Simms and Gruden, though motor mouths, both do a decent job as well. I don’t think any of them, know the game as well as Gruden. Dierdork and Fouts have to go; Irving’s an asshole

  • PanamaRod

    Finally, a sportswriter worth his mettle. The NFL commentators are really bad and no one B4 U ever admitted it. As bad as the NFL are, the ESPN college Analists (mispelled on purpose – figure it out). Since they have started calling themselves analysts it has been the “all-about-me” syndrome. They believe they know everything but they DKS! They are clueless twerks! Thanks for writing this Mr. DelleFave. Now I know I’m not the only one muting these clueless twerks or walking away from the TV (really a “boob-tube” with them on it).

  • George Cole

    Anybody who writes the following paragraphs loses the right to judge anyone else:

    These commentators talk either way above your head and only a football expert would get what the heck they are saying. Yet in a sharp contrast, some dumb down the product so much that I feel dumber actually listening to what they have to say.

    Every network has at least one commentator that is guilty of this either the person is in the booth calling the game or in the network studio as part of the roundtable of talking heads before, during, and after the Sunday afternoon network of games. If I left someone out, get a hold of me and we can discuss it.

  • skudaarkaat

    Where are WORST reporters, like Michele Tafoya, Erin Andrews, Suzy Kolber, Bonnie Bernstein (#1), and them rest of the talently-challenged women?

  • Scott Myers

    I belive that Collinsworth is auditioning to become the new spokes person for the NAACP, everytime this guy is in front of a camera it’s the NFl doesn’t have enough black quaterbacks, cocahes, owners, equipment mangers, front office personal, players, refs, ball boys,concession workers, parking lot attendents, fans, ect,ect. Give it up crybaby Chris their not going to let you be black, no way!!!

  • Doug

    How is Jon Madden Not on this list?!?!! I loathed listening to him.

  • tim stevens

    Collinswoth is a fag

  • tim stevens

    and so is collinsworth hahahaha

  • tim stevens

    Dennis Miller was the best but his words were way to big for most of you idiots.

    • http://www.irememberjfk.com Trappp

      I really enjoyed Miller’s commentary. He was excellent.

    • David Brands

      From what I’ve read recently, Miller doesn’t even understand what he’s saying.

  • guiltbar

    Michael Irvin is a well dressed goon. Irvin spends half his time agreeing with and quoting Deion Sanders. He once said about a running back, “He loves this game, He loves this game. This man loves this game of football.” I often wondered if Jerry Jones paid for Irwin’s High School diploma. Please get someone that can think, speak and has played football. One out of three isn’t enough.

    • http://www.irememberjfk.com Trappp

      Michael Irvin is a sleazy scumbag. Never forget getting caught with cocaine and hos and screaming at the cop “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??” A monstrous thug suitable for playing for two teams that hire them: the Jimmy Johnson/Dennis Ericson Miami Hurricanes, and the Jerry Jones Dallas Cowboys.

  • Buddy Rogers

    I’d take half of the guys you mention over Dan Dierdorff.
    Thank God this weekend is the end of the road for this windbag.

  • Michael Mulrenan

    hmm…does this guy like anybody?…Anyway…he is not one for calling other people dumb when he says he is going to list these guys in alphabetical order…and then puts Aikman after Albert?? Hey!!..learn the alphabet!…Anyway, I will agree that I don’t know how Dan Fouts and Michael Irvin got to be commentators.

  • Richard Williams

    Dale lost me in the first sentence when he called the NFL, an organization of teams, a sport.

  • TW54

    The author of this trash puts Cris Collinsworth in here, but leaves out Dan Dierdorff?
    Dude, you have some dubious tastes in commentators to come up with this shit list.

  • Viper

    Everytime I’ve listened to Cris Collinsworth call a game, I could see his bias and how he hated one time or one player easily. Even when that great player has won a lot. The only team I could tell he liked was New England. He started calling the game like a fan would, saying fouls were not fouls, making fun of other teams whenever a bad call went the Patriots way. It was horrible to me.

  • AnnyMmMo

    Chris Collinsworth the THE WORST commentator on TV. It’s amazing how he can drone on and on and on, salivating over some players while completely eviscerating others that don’t deserve it, or ignoring the best players from the team he is rooting against.( I can predict who Collinsworth is rooting for inside of five minutes into the first half.) And, Gawd, his fawning over Tom Brady, don’t even get me started…..

  • RF

    Joe Buck is probably the best. You have no clue what you’re talking about.

  • Edward McDowell

    The author should go back to judging dog shows. It is easy to rag on Buck if you are the rah rah type fan but the guy had big shoes to fill.

  • Erick the Redd

    I like Collinsworth. Troy Aikman is the worst though, he is so biased he has no business commentating on NFC East games, its ridiculous, I’m a Redskins fan, but I feel the same way about Eagles and Giants games I’ve seen him call.

  • Eric Pipkin

    Gotta give some love to Jaws. He was awesome and I hope he left Monday Night Football because he wanted to and not because ESPN booted him. They would do something dumb like that.
    Collinsworth is the man, telling us about plays that happen away from the ball, good stuff. Gruden loves everyone. Everyone is “the best ever” and “I’d take him on my team any day.”
    Phil Simms needs to learn how to use the replay controls.

  • http://www.leaveittobeaver.org/ Wally Walters

    I agree with a lot of these, but since he’s got about everyone covered in “Worst”, who is the best? Joe Buck is full of himself; happens when you “star” in ads as yourself. Aikman is smart, but as noted so blase about things. Been there, done that. Mayock is smart, but his lisp is offputting. (Dierdorf has one too. How is one a commentator with a speech impediment?) Gruden is super-smart and super-informative, so yes he does go over one’s head some times. And he never criticizes anyone because he wants to return to coaching one day. Collingsworth is knowledgeable, but comes off as smug and smarmy. Al Michaels should be on this list because he will never, EVER let a co-commentator have the last word on anything. Millen is dull. Irvin is a pimpy idiot. Throw in every sideline reporter ever.

  • Charles Dodson III

    I agree with most except Aikman/Buck – I don’t need some football commentator getting excited in the booth like it’s dull sport like baseball. I want them calm, I get excited just watching the game and yelling at the TV. Collinsworth does suck as well as Mayock (he’s just a doofus). Phil Simms wants to call every pass a screen and he was a QB!!! Come on, Gruden as a coach!?! Are you serious?!? You just invalidated your whole list! Gruden only went to the Superbowl with Tony Dungy’s team and the couldn’t accomplish anything else except dismantle the team until they were so bad he had to be fired. No one else even wanted to pick him up!!!

  • TonyEdwards2

    Chris Collinsworth is one of the best. Players don’t like someone who can school them. But the public loves him since his comments are educational and spot on.

  • TonyEdwards2

    Ron Wolfley is the best color commentator since Howard Cosell possibly better. He does AZ Cardinals color commentating, but you should google video of him. His comments are forever entertaining, intelligent, funny, and energetic.

  • Jackie Janes Loveless

    any list like this should list Dick Vitale. I realize he knows his stuff, but so do many of those listed here. Dick Vitale loves basketball… about half as much as he loves listening to himself go on and on and on and on and…….. bob L.

  • Jackie Janes Loveless

    must have a list of good announcers… wait… that list is empty.
    as I said b

  • Jerryb53

    Troy Aikman and Jack Buck are the Best. I like Gruden and Theisman. Collinsworth sucks. Gruden and Theisman are critical and if your a football fan that’s what you want to here. Buck and Troy are the number 1 broadcasting Team for Fox. Doesn’t this writer know that they are number 1 for a reason. Mayock is good and Albert,Moose and the Goose are right up there with Buck and Troy. Phil Simms is too wishy washy. I like Gumbel and Dierdorff too.

  • Jim Goodwine

    I think Phil Simms is the best commentator in TV. I used to hate Collinsworth, but he’s been good this year with Al Michaels. I’m just glad Dan Dierdorf will be gone after this year. I actually like the the commentators you have listed as “bad”.

  • JBubs

    Hey, Scott Dellafave. If you are allowed to critique the verbal communication skills of some professional NFL commentators, then someone should be allowed to critique your written communication skills, too! This is called “sauce for the goose”. Let’s see what a middle school writing teacher would do to require you to correct errors in order to follow basic rules of vocabulary, grammar, verb tense agreement, and over-all clarity. Afterwords it would look like this:

    “Without question the NFL is my favorite televised sport. However some commentators, many who are former players, make it unwatchable at times. Their work is so bad that I either change the channel or hit ‘mute’ to do my own play by play. Even if it’s a prime time game I may do the sacrilegious and not watch at all.
    The problem is some commentators either use language way above the average viewer’s knowledge base, or dumb it down to the point of being uninformative and dull.

    Each network seems to have at least one commentator who does this, either in the booth or in the studio during post-game analysis.

    Please be aware that I ranked the commentators here only alphabetically and not by degree.
    If I left someone out, email your choice and I will be happy to discuss it.”

    There you have it, Scott, your own words transformed from 7th grade slop (word count 252) to 12th grade clarity (word count 142), with no verb tense changes and no errors in vocabulary or grammar. And we are not even remotely approaching professional quality!

    So Scott, next time you decide to criticize anyone’s communication skills, first be sure your own skills are something to be proud of.

  • redemption

    Troy Aikmen is not that bad to me…he certainly knows the game. And he will sometimes speak his mind when it comes to player who’s being an A**.

  • Pingback: URL

  • Eric East

    Phil Simms should be number 1 if he made the list twice at #13 and #18.

  • Cody Crase

    Possibly the worst list ever assembled. I’m glad you hate football commentators that know about football. Dang, if only they didn’t hire those kind of people

  • Pingback: http://vimeo.com/83495293

  • Joe Worsham

    This article is a total incaccurate mess. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are the best of the best! Just because they don’t root openly for the writer’s team like many local station announcers do, they are the top of the line. They have great chemistry and they accurately report the game and give information obtained during the week. Chris Collinsworth was a jerk years ago when he first started as an announcer. Now, he has grown up, matured into a very good commentator. He has great insights into the game and he has great knowledge of the game because he was a great player at one time. This article stinks! The writer needs to find something else to complain about.

  • Pingback: http://vimeo.com/82591655

  • Pingback: http://vimeo.com/83968213

  • Scott Piner

    Some of these men are very good commentators! Sounds like someone is just jealous! HATERS

    • Tinwoods

      Envious, not jealous. If you’re going to write, you might as well do it right.

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  • ThomasNeidhart

    “Collinsworth makes many comments that seem not relevant” — hey,
    genius writer, it’s irrelevant you’re looking for, irrelevant….
    obviously, too big a word for you in ripping a rather good announcer in

    and dude… you have Simms listed twice early on in the way too big list!

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  • heykyleinsf

    I like Aikman as an announcer. . He’s better than anyone else because he really is truly impartial. Collinsworth is smart.. but he still sucks because he can’t control his favoritism like Aikman can.. Every game.. Collinsworth likes one team over another. It’s just wrong to do as announcer.. it’s rule #1. It doesn’t matter how good the analysis is if you can’t help yourself from being partial.

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  • Jon K. Wright

    Yeah, whoever wrote this list is an idiot. He puts Phil Simms twice, calls it a top 15(it would up being 19-20).

    And the Giants were 11-1 in 1990 under Phil Simms, he’s the reason they made the playoffs. If anything, their road to another Super Bowl would have been easier with Simms as he was in the middle of his best season up to that point. Jeff Hostetler did a serviceable job(let’s be real….the defense and Otis Anderson carried them in that Super Bowl), but the 91-92 season proved he wasn’t starting QB worthy as the Giants didn’t even sniff the playoffs with him.

  • Supreme Being

    listening to dan dierdork is like listening to sylvester the cat – i can understand the cat though

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  • John H. Holliday

    Gotta disagree with the guy who wrote this… I find the NFL announcers to be the best group of announcers in sports.

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  • Ben Schutz

    Am I the only one that noticed that phil sims is on twice? GJ editer….fail

  • Ben Schutz

    Why is this article named the
    15 Worst NFL Commentators when you put 20 people on the list? Oh and not to mention you have Phil Simms twice.

  • brbroberts

    Hey Ranterx, you sure make a lot of claims without actual examples, so we’ll take your comments with a grain of salt too.

    You complain Simms didn’t play in one of his SB wins, but fail to acknowledge he got the team that far… what have YOU done in your football career?

    When you say “”Chuckie” (Gruden) talks above most viewers”, you really mean “Since I never played the game, I don’t have a clue what he’s saying”. Most viewers understand the game well enough to follow along, and a lot of folks learn a lot from him. Think of it as a free coaching lesson every time he’s on the crew.

    At least you got Joe Buck right. :thumbup

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  • Mike Farkas

    Sorry, but you missed the absolute worst announcer, Shannon Sharpe. He is the reason I don’t watch their broadcast

  • bigbillofwyandotte

    My Wife, who played with the Detroit Demons women’s pro football team back in the 1970′s,
    will tell you that John Madden was one of the worst. She said that all he did was blab on about things he had no knowledge of just to fill time, and had no idea about what was
    actually happening on the field so many times that she felt it better to turn the sound off
    and just watch the game, rather than listening to his distracting commentary.

  • Bradley Smith

    I wish I hadn’t read this crap. The “writer” of this crap is worse than all the commentators combined.

  • Matthew Henry

    This guy is the worst at making a “worst list”. Dierdorf and Theismann should both be much higher, Collinsworth is actually a good commentator, and does he even realize that he listed Phil Simms twice?

  • Oldilocks

    Dan TheMan,
    Thanks for expressing EXACTLY what I was thinking. I just read an article about the sham education received at New York City’s worst school — Manhattan’s Murry Bergtraum HS for Business Careers. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I couldn’t help but wonder if the writer was a graduate.
    Wading through the poor writing, mentally correcting usage and trying to figure out exactly what the writer was saying was so much work that now I’m worse off for having read it. To quote the writer, “… some dumb down the product so much that I feel dumber actually listening to what they have to say.”

  • Tinwoods

    This is the worst writing I’ve ever seen from an allegedly professional journalist. It’s as if each of these captions were written by a third-grader failing his English class. Embarrassingly dreadful.

  • RunNWin

    Uh… No. Worst website ever. Are you kidding me with all the ads and pop ups? I had two advertising videos with audio playing at the same time while trying to read how Phil Simms is both the 18th and 13th worst 15 commentators. It’s just stupidity on parade. And, to the moron writer whoever you are, the phrase is “once in awhile” not “once and a while”. What are you, 14?

  • Gerald Impulse

    Spurious, badly written article, best avoided; Collinsworth’s a great commentator

  • chrispea

    Chris Collinsworth should NOT be on this list…very likeable and intelligent.

  • Jwillly

    Collinsworth is awesome and funny…probably doesn’t mean much since Im a Bengals fan. That was 1 fast white boy.

  • Pablo T A Morris

    MARV ALBERT IS A FUCKING LEGEND and it was just bonus time having him broadcast the NFL last year.

  • Bill

    I like Collinsworth. Very knowledgeable guy. For some reason that I can’t figure out, he seems to be one of those those devisive guys that people either love or loathe. I also can’t
    figure out why so many people don’t like Fouts. Personally, I can’t stand listening to Dierdorf, Cross and Simms because they just babble on and never shut up. Come to think of it, throw Gruden in there, too. As for Marv Albert He’s not the worst football announcer on the planet, he’s the worst announcer on the planet, period.

  • tcirish53@gmail.com

    So, are there ANY ANNOUNCERS LEFT after these ‘top 20′ get buried? I mean, how many announcers are there for God’s sake!

  • Mario Stanzi

    I like Matt Millen as a game commentator but I totally agree Warren Sapp and M. Irving are terrible they are the worse..but you forgot to mention Al Micheals that guy has no idea what he says plus he thinks hes better than the game itself i just tune him and cris off during the sunday night games on NBC….

  • William J Chapman

    I will agree that 50% of the ones you list are average at best. Collinsworth knows his trade. Dierdorf retired and I liked him. Gruden is entertaining. He does seem to be a brick shy of a full load but the man knows football. I do think the there is a bit of jealousy with the writer that those people he list are dining something that he would love to do. I am surprised to see that Shannon ,I trip over at least one word in every sentence, Sharpe was not included. I can’t see him as a color commentator. I am not saying that he is slow but it would take him 2 hours for him to watch 60 Minutes. I will agree that Marv Albert is the worse by far. I can’t get past his voice. It is like listening to fingernails across a chalkboard.

  • tg

    Phil Simms HAS to be the worst. So monotone and says the biggest “NoSHIT” things

  • GDSinPA

    Why are you covering over your content with an ad? I can’t read the slideshow. Closing window – never to visit Rantsports again.

  • Steve Lawnick

    Collinsworth is wonderful. Funny, insightful, and honest…pretty much all I want in a commentator.

  • Shawn Cicero

    so every one of them?

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  • cowebb2327 .

    Who’s NOT on this “writers” list? And it doesn’t speak well of an organization (Rant Sports? At least its name is a clue) that would publish such an uneducated amateur…”Then” instead of “than”…”dude” in a serious article. Apparently don’t waste money on editors either.

  • Rod Timmons

    I usually ‘mute’ but Marv Albert is one of best all-time announcers – you have announcers & bone head so called analyst mixed together but like I said -hit MUTE it’s keeps you from having someone else tell you what you just saw for yourself ! I hope someday in future to have a sports network that has no in game announcers , just graphics ‘on screen’ with only that of ‘at game’ sounds, like PA announcers & the crowd & action on the field – no body ‘spinning’ what we are watching for ourselves !

  • harrier

    Chris is the one of the best if not the best commentator. He calls it like it is and has intelligence and class to boot. I love listening to his analysis. He was great as a player and is just as good as a commentator.

  • JC Chuta

    Troy Aikman is a very good Commentator/Football Analyst! Sapp and Michael Ervin and Keyshawn Johnson are horrible! (Very Ghetto!)

  • Lorcan Bonda

    Is it just me, or do these people have a tough time with basic math? All of these lists of “10 people who should stop doing commercials”or “15 worse commentators” have twenty names in them.

    The writing is bad enough, but if are having trouble with the numbers, you can use your toes too.

  • jbinsb

    OK, then, who do we like? Let’s see a top 10 list of those guys. And let’s just realize that it’s not an easy job. Most of us would suck at it.

  • Guest

    “that’s never a good sign if the players don’t even like him…”

    That’s exactly why he’s one of the best…

  • Real McCoy

    Cris Collinsworth:

    “that’s never a good sign if the players don’t even like him…”

    That’s exactly why he’s one of the best…

  • gene offenberger

    do you think phil simms is twice as bad or should you be in the top 20 bad reporters.

  • Buckeyegreg

    I also enjoy Collinsworth and appreciate his calm demeanor among the other testosterone cowboys in the booth.

  • Mkword

    I agree with most of these guys in the list. But John Gruden is a blast to listen to and he does NOT talk over the head of the average fan.

    Also, Chis Collinsworth is by far one of the best NFL commentators working. That was just a bizarre choice to list him as one of the worst.

  • Guest

    Marv Albert is a fucking something for sure. Are we all forgetting what he did in the past? Also, he is stupid and obnoxious.

  • Patrick K Lotzer

    Jim Nantz is THE worst announcer in all of sports! Every player has overcome so many obstacles to reach the peak of sports. Good Lord, give it a rest

  • David

    is it only me or does the list that says worst 15 start counting from #20?

  • TrollingU

    Cris Collinsworth is just frustrating to listen to, when he says things like “When the offense realizes the point of the game is to score points they are going to win!” you just want to mute the television.

  • Xsaunder

    Well that includes just about everyone that is a commentator. Maybe it’s just your problem. I have an idea…don’t watch.

  • ndavlin

    You have just proved that you are the worst at picking the worst. Any idiot that would put most of the ones on your list ahead of Mark Millen proves my point, None are perfect, but neither or you.

  • Lara Fiona

    I was calling him “Dierdork” over 30 years ago. Not only does he beat the dead horse into oblivion, but he rambles on several plays later about something that is no longer relevant to the game. Theisman thinks that he’s God’s gift to broadcasting. In his mind, he knows it all and it’s a privilege for the rest of us to tune in. And finally we have Aik(ing for a)man. His commentary starts the second the whistle blows, adds little that the rest of us don’t already know, and very often goes past the start of the next play. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve screamed “STFU” at the TV when Troy “The Boys’ Toy” doesn’t know when to cut it off. Honorable Mention: Madden used to be comical to the point of embarrassment. It wasn’t until he teamed with the great Al Michaels that he finally toned down the ridiculous theatrics.

  • TexizzBoy

    The writer of this article is full of shit!

  • Barancy Peloma

    phil simms, colinsworth and boomer esiason are the most annoying in my book. it is beyond clear that colinsworth hates some teams when the best he can do is deliver a backhanded compliment.