Calvin Johnson Continues To Show Why He's The Best Wideout In Football

By Riley Schmitt
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

There is a reason that Calvin Johnson is called Megatron. You simply can’t stop the Detroit Lions wideout. On Saturday, he set the record for most receiving yards in a season. He broke Jerry Rice’s record and he still has one game to add to it.

Although the team has struggled this season, he has not.  He continues to put up amazing numbers week after week.  His QB may not be able to get him the ball all the time, but he makes the most out of it when he gets the ball.  He had some plays during this game that showed why he is so good.  He would simply make defenders look clueless as he knifed past them.

He might end up owning almost every record in the book by the time he is done.  He is simply that good.  You can double team him all you want.  He is still going to manage to get open.  That is the sign of a true number one wideout.  You can design your coverages to stop him but you won’t win.  He is still going to get his.

He is doing all of this without another true threat in the passing game.  That is also insane.  Name another Lions WR that would strike fear into the hearts of a defense.  You can’t do it.  That makes this even more incredible.  He is the one guy you have to stop and they simply can’t do it.

Enjoy the record, Calvin.  It’s not going to be your only one.


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