Charles Woodson Aims For Week 17 Return

By Kevin Van Pelt
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The Green Bay Packers have improved their defense from the 2011 season which was ranked last. With that being said, most of their improvements have been made without the services of veteran cornerback Charles Woodson who has been sidelined since October 21st after breaking his collarbone.

For the past two weeks, Woodson was expected to return to action, but even after returning to practice on a limited basis, doctors have told Woodson that it would be better for him to wait. Woodson is anxious to return to action and feels he is ready to get on the filed right now if he had to.

“I just want to get in the game,” Woodson said. “It’s been way too long. I’ve been watching too much football from the sidelines. Even though they’re great seats, I’d much rather be playing.”

The question now becomes when Woodson does comeback, will he be ready to play an entire game. It usually takes time for a player to get into a rhythm and get used to the grind of 60 minutes of football. The Green Bay defense is starting to get hot and they have built chemistry with the players that are on the field now. Defensive coordinator Don Capers will have to make sure he doesn’t lose any chemistry with his defense while at the same time getting Woodson opportunities to make plays.

“Next week will kind of take care of itself, and we’ll see if we should get out there and run around a little bit,” Woodson said. “I feel like whenever the time comes, I can go out there. I know how to play football. I know the defense, so when that time comes, I’ll be ready.”

Woodson’s quote makes perfect sense. If there is any player that the Packers can feel comfortable missing over half the season and not missing a step it would be the veteran Woodson. He has been playing under this defense for years now and he knows the schemes and plays like no one else on the team.

The only concern for Green Bay if Woodson comes back next week is the fact that he will be facing the dangerous running back Adrian Peterson who is close to breaking the single-season rushing record. Peterson is a hard runner and isn’t afraid of any contact. Woodson’s collarbone will definitely be put to the test early and often with the power run game being used often by the Minnesota Vikings. Woodson knows that he will be thinking about his injury before the game starts, but as a pro he must block that out when the game beings and focus on doing his job.


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