Cleveland Browns: Get The Ball To Travis Benjamin

By Ryan Ruiz
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As we move closer to the end of the Cleveland Browns‘ 2012 season, there have been a handful of rookies that have stood out this year. One of them is wide receiver Travis Benjamin. With two games left, it would be nice to see the fourth-round pick used more.

Drafted as the 100th pick overall in this past NFL Draft, Benjamin possesses the speed of a cheetah. While his 5’10” height and 175 lb frame is on the smaller side, it’s Benjamin’s running ability that is his strength. The 22-year-old is the fastest player on the team.

In the NFL, speed kills. However, for whatever reason, No. 80 is not used enough in Cleveland’s offense. Why? A player like Benjamin is a play-maker and can make things happen with the ball in his hands. He needs to be utilized more.

Through fourteen games, the Browns have looked to Benjamin for just 11 receptions. With those catches, the rookie has 209 yards and two touchdowns. What’s more impressive is the 19 yards Benjamin is averaging per catch.

On six occasions, Cleveland has handed the ball to him out of the backfield. Out of those six carries (all on end around plays), Benjamin has 66 yards and three first downs. I like what he has done rushing the football. This is just another area where he could be used more.

But, perhaps the best place for the spitting image of a young Bob Marley is special teams. Although Josh Cribbs has served as the returner for the Browns for eight years, Benjamin is the one that should be back there all the time. Benjamin has had just five opportunities (2 kickoff & 3 punt) and has one touchdown with those returns. He is clearly faster than Cribbs.

The last two games are an open audition for many players on the team. It would be nice to see Benjamin used more in these final two games.

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