Drew Brees Could Make History Against The Dallas Cowboys

By Alejandro Aviles


Drew Brees
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is no stranger to breaking records and has been on a tear for the past two seasons. This season Brees set the record for most consecutive games with at least one touchdown pass with 54 games. Brees’ streak would still be alive but he was unable to record a touchdown pass in week 13 against the Atlanta Falcons. Furthermore, Brees set the record for most passing yards in a single season when he threw for 5,476 yards last season. Needless to say that Brees is one of most accurate passers in the NFL and one of the most consistent.

This season Brees has thrown for 4,335 yards and is on the verge of setting another passing record. Brees only needs 165 more passing yards to reach 4,500 passing yards on the season. If Brees gets 4,500 passing yards this season he would be the first player in NFL history to have three straight seasons with 4,500+ passing yards. Brees’ production has been incredible over the last three seasons and despite the Saints’ current record he is still playing hard.

There are few quarterbacks who are capable of putting up the type of numbers Brees puts up each season. There are even fewer quarterbacks who can consistently put up the same numbers Brees puts up. When the Saints face the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday Brees will have another shot at history.

Even if the Cowboys somehow shut down Brees I think it will be very unlikely that Brees does not get 165 passing yards over the last two games, unless he gets injured. With that said Brees will more than likely get 165 passing yards, if not more, against the Cowboys and once again cement himself in the record books.

Alejandro Aviles is the Featured Writer for the New Orleans Saints at Rant Sports @aaviles312

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