New York Jets: Naughty or Nice

By Raymond Mencke
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets weren’t very good boys this year so they shouldn’t expect too much from Santa Claus on Tuesday.  Let’s take a look at who was naughty and nice on both sides of the ball as well as the front office.  The team has already been eliminated from the postseason.

Antonio Cromartie had a very good year replacing Darrelle Revis at the top cornerback position on the team.  Cromartie struggled a bit opposite Revis as most teams would throw in his direction but he stepped up his game this year and has been the most dependable defensive player.  Cromartie has 13 passes defended with three interceptions on the season along with one touchdown.  He should be one Jet that makes the Pro Bowl.

The run defense as a whole should be expecting coal in their stockings.  If you happened to watch Monday night’s game against the Tennessee Titans you got to witness Chris Johnson breaking off a 94-yard touchdown run in the second quarter which was just a glimpse of what has transpired all season.  The team is 29th against the run allowing 138.7 yards a game.  If you can’t stop the run in the NFL it becomes very difficult to win ball games.

The most pleasant surprise on offense has been running back Bilal Powell.  Powell only played in two games last year as a rookie but has started to take carries away from Shonn Greene.  Powell has run for 384 yards on the season while averaging four yards a carry.  He has four touchdowns on the season and could be the starting running back next season.

The most inadequate player on offense is a no-brainer.  Mark Sanchez has played so poorly that he has lost his starting job for the final two weeks.  Sanchez has not been able to cut down on his turnovers as he’s thrown 17 interceptions to just 13 touchdowns.  He has over 50 turnovers in the last two seasons and he has the distinction of throwing the most red zone interceptions.  His future is shaky at best as a starting quarterback in the league.

Mike Tannenbaum has had a terrible season.  The trade for Tim Tebow has backfired as the Jets have not been able to utilize him in any situation.  They’ve knocked him down to the point where he has no trade value.  The contract extension he gave to Sanchez was terrible as the team is locked into keeping him on the roster for next season.  He has also failed to draft any type of pass rushing threat in any draft.  It’s not known if he will be with the team next season.

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