San Diego Chargers, New York Jets Are Mirror Images

By Anthony Blake
Rex Ryan - New York Jets, Norv Turner - San Diego Chargers
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This weekend’s game for the San Diego Chargers will feel an awful lot like looking in the mirror. The New York Jets have had their fair share of injuries this season (check), they have plenty of media expectations (check), and a quarterback who has struggled mightily (check). Here is a deeper look into just how similar the Chargers and Jets do look to one another as they prepare to battle on Sunday.

When the Chargers were hiring a head coach following the unexpected firing of Marty Schottenheimer in the winter of 2007, the team interviewed an outspoken, defensive-minded candidate for the job before settling on Norv Turner. That particular fellow was one Rex Ryan who wound up with the Jets shortly thereafter. While that isn’t a coincidence persay, the mere fact that both teams had a serious look at Rex as their coach certainly shows an organizational similarity.

After Turner took over the Bolts in 2007, the team went to the AFC title game that season. Just two years later, the Jets in Ryan’s first year at the helm beat Turner’s Chargers in San Diego in the divisional round en route to (you guessed it) the AFC Championship game.

As for the on the field parallels, those haven’t been pretty recently. The Chargers haven’t tasted the playoffs in three years and this will be the Jets second straight season without postseason play. That has been due in large part to the play of the men leading these respective teams on offense.

Philip Rivers has committed a staggering 47 turnovers over the past two years. That gargantuan number is second most in the league over that period of time, but I’m sure you’ll never guess who is first. That’s right, Mark Sanchez and his 50 giveaways. The fact that the Jets have benched Sanchez coming into this contest seems almost like a hint of some sort for the Chargers. Now Rivers is the most turnover-prone quarterback in the NFL that still has a starting job.

Both of these organizations are bound to experience some serious changes during the coming offseason. Clearly the head coaching position is up for review and as much as the Chargers may not like it, maybe the quarterback position should be as well.

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