2013 NFL Draft: Gem of the Week- Dan Molls

By Jeremy Hayes
Molls- Evan Habeeb
Evan Habeeb- US Presswire

The leader in tackles for college football is Toledo middle linebacker Dan Molls, but apparently that is not enough to get the attention of NFL scouts.

Molls may be the most underrated defensive player coming into the 2013 NFL draft, and his luck did not improve after suffering a concussion on the opening kickoff of Toledo’s bowl game against Utah State. This will not help his case at all, but if a team was truly looking for a all-around great tackler with a compensation pick in the seventh-round, Molls has proven he can be a phenomenal asset to any team.

Molls has had 422 total tackles in his four years at Toledo, and about 22 of his tackles were for losses. He has had seven interceptions during his time at Toledo, along with seven sacks. For an inside linebacker, he has proven to be an asset on special teams, being in charge of the front seven.

He is a bit under-sized at 6-1 and about 230 pounds, but is the same height as one of the best tacklers in the NFL, Jerod Mayo, and only 15 pounds less. Molls runs a slow 40-yard dash at about 4.6, but guess who everyone said couldn’t play professional football because he was slow?

Tedy Bruschi.

I think we all know how that turned out, so do not underestimate a player just because he is not lightning-quick. Molls has proven what he is made of by leading in tackles for his senior year at Toledo.

Expect a team like the New England Patriots to scout a player like this, because he has the ability to be the next Bruschi.

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