Arizona Cardinals QB Ryan Lindley Needs to Step Up

By Kase Brammer
Ryan Lindley Arizona Cardinals
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The quarterback play for the Arizona Cardinals this season has not been something a fan can rely on. QB Ryan Lindley is in the middle of a tryout for next season, and right now, he is failing miserable. Lindley is the worst quarterback in the league. John Skelton is probably second to last, but he has zero upside. Lindley is young and going through some growing pains, but he has made a few throws this season that make you think twice about releasing him in the off-season.

On Sunday, Lindley will face the most important game of his life. How he plays on Sunday will determine his future on the team and as a player in the NFL in general. He cannot stumble at all. If the Cardinals want to win he has to play perfect. He can do it. He needs to find a pace that works for him. Today is not that day to worry about the offensive line or other players making mistakes. He plays like a quarterback with no faith in the people around him. Just ask Oakland Raiders QB Carson Palmer how that works out.

Lindley may be dead last in a lot of quarterback categories, but a win on Sunday would spoil the Chicago Bears playoff chances. Spoiling a playoff chance is something that could make the Cardinals’ season. Making a team sit on the couch in January is the next best thing to making the playoffs. Right now, winning is all that matters. If Lindley plays bad and the Cardinals win, nothing will happen, but if he plays bad and the Cardinals lose, Lindley might not get another snap as an NFL quarterback.

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