Atlanta Falcons Not A Super Bowl Team

By Andy Schmidt
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

About two months ago, Roddy White proclaimed that the Atlanta Falcons had the “pedigree” to go undefeated when the team was halfway to a perfect season. The Falcons won’t finish undefeated but White helped Atlanta clinch the top seed in the NFC for the upcoming playoffs on Saturday night. White finished with over 150 yards receiving and two touchdowns as Atlanta has now guaranteed themselves a bye week and never having to leave home the whole postseason.

The interesting thing about the Falcons though is that they have had several chances to be successful at home in the playoffs in recent years with zero success. That situation could play out again depending on who Atlanta would have to play in their first playoff game. If a team like the Washington Redskins were to come to Atlanta, I’m not too sure that the Falcons can contain someone like Robert Griffin III. There is no mistake though that the Falcons have played well enough to earn this top seed but I still fear that they are not a Super Bowl team.

I would pick two other teams before the Falcons to reach the Super Bowl from the NFC in the Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers. The Atlanta defense is good but not great and that could be exposed in the playoffs. It will be up to players like White to make sure that Atlanta stays on the right track when the playoffs get started and get the Falcons at least to the NFC Championship Game. There are going to be some nervous Falcons fans until that happens.

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