Chicago Bears Win Keeps Playoff Hopes Alive

By alibud69
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears rolled out easy winners against the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium in what can only be described in a polite way as a mediocre game.

The Cardinals simply are not a good team offensively. In fact ,they are so bad that the Bears found themselves in the rare situation where the offense on the opposite sideline was worse than them across the board.

The game in honesty was a complete farce, I saw nothing in this game that would suggest the Bears will find their way into the playoffs, furthermore if they were to make it into the dance they would be able to muster anything in the way of a decent display.

Jay Cutler started the game 2-11 in completions, he did squat in the first half until the two minute drill. He spent his whole day targeting Brandon Marshall which is hardly a surprise given how bad this receiving core has been this season.

I get bored of repeating myself so the usual bug bears apply as given facts. Mike Tice called a horrible game, Lovie Smith is still terrible at throwing challenge flags, Devin Hester somehow gets more football stupid by the day and Marshall is the only thing to call home about.

In the interest of fairness, the Bears offensive line actually played pretty well against a very good defense and Matt Forte carried the ball well, but my hopes of the Bears making any noise in the playoffs has all but died.

The Bears defense had a good game, it basically abused what was put in front of it, hardly something to shout home about but they did their job and that is all you can ask. The two defensive touchdowns made this a sure fire victory.

Special Teams were just a disaster, two fumbles on two dumb plays and a blocked field goal returned 83yards for a touchdown gave the Cardinals something to hang their hat on.

It will surprise no one unless you live under a rock that the guilty party on the blocked field goal was TE Kellen Davis and his severe lack of talent, missing his block, he may as well not have been on the field in honesty.

The Bears playoff hopes now hinge on them beating the frankly poor Detroit Lions at Ford Field and either the Minnesota Vikings losing to the Green Bay Packers or the Seattle Seahawks losing both their remaining games.

In short, the final insult to this festering cesspit of a season for Bears’ fans, is that they have to support the Packers in week 17 if they want to subject themselves to playoff football.

I feel dirty already!!

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