Cleveland Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur Proves His Stupidity Again

By Ryan Ruiz
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One more week, Cleveland Browns fans. Just one more week. Then we won’t have to put up with these stupid play calls, poor clock management and terrible personnel decisions. It’s just disheartening and exhausting. So what did Pat Shurmur do this game?

Every game, it seems like there are moments where I am screaming at my flat screen and getting ready to launch my remote right through it. This week, it was at the end of the first half where Peyton Manning was driving his smooth Denver Broncos offense down for another score. With 54 seconds left, Manning was facing a 3rd and 14. Unlike previous games, Shurmur had not burned any timeouts, and Cleveland had them to use. Instead of using a time out at that point in the game, the Browns let Manning easily convert the third and long.

Now, if you watched the game, you know that the Broncos did not score because Browns safety Usama Young made a diving interception to end the threat. However, at that point in the game, the Browns had only had three possessions. There were multiple reasons to call a time out with 54 seconds left. One, to give your defense a breather in the thin Colorado air. Two, to be prepared to stop Manning from converting. And three, to get the ball back even if they had made a field goal.

Who knows, Josh Cribbs may have had a nice return, and just maybe, Brandon Weeden would have driven down and gotten some kind of score. That’s the difference in smart coaching and stupid conservative coaching. News flash Shurmur, your team has won five games this year, and you’re not in contention for anything!

As Browns fans, we are sick of this type of losing attitude and mentality. Everyone has said it all year: why are you playing not to lose?

My final peeve with this game is Trent Richardson‘s usage. This is twice in two weeks now Shurmur has completely abandoned the game plan. Despite playing while banged up with a possible cracked rib, Richardson has given it his all every game. In this game, Richardson was averaging almost six yards a carry. TRich was given just nine opportunities. This is unacceptable!

What makes matters worse, Richardson left the game with an ankle injury with a minute left in the game. He left Sports Authority Field in a walking boot. Brandon Weeden also left the game with a shoulder injury. As Browns fans, when it rains, it pours I guess.

The Browns head east to face that black and yellow team (that isn’t going to the playoffs) in the final week of the season. Then we can all go in to hibernation until April.

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